Luke Nguyen's Food Trail

Watch SBS On Demand. Luke is back to trace his life and career from where it all started in Sydney, then Saigon and Hong Kong.

The most quintessential Vietnamese dish is pho. I wake up most mornings craving it in Vietnam. Before I show you the Saigon version of pho I would like to show you how...
So you think you know Chinese cuisine because you’re a regular at your local restaurant? Think again.
Luke Nguyen is back in a brand-new 13-part series! This time he traces his life and career from where it all started in Sydney, moving to Saigon and then onto...
Easy to make and even easier to eat, banh xeo is the perfect dinner party favourite.
It's not the most important (delicious!) meal of the day for nothing.

Luke Nguyen's Street Food Asia

In this new series, Luke takes to the streets of Asia to embark on a culinary exploration of its food and culture. 

How do you decide between a sweet or savoury martabak? You don't have to...
Satay doesn’t actually mean peanut sauce - Southeast Asia’s favourite street food snack is a dish of skewered, grilled meat with infinite variations.
Here's how Dutch and Indonesian food have formed a lasting flavour relationship.
"As I kick around Jakarta, where I discover foods from all over Indonesia, one cuisine I really enjoy is Sundanese. It’s from the western part of Java and the way...

25 ways to wow with Indonesian

We're feeling inspired by Luke Nguyen's Jakarta adventures, so here are a few of our Indonesian favourites that are guaranteed to spice up your week. (Literally!)

Cook from the series

Not sure what to do with your leftover XO sauce? Try this classic rice noodle stir-fry. 
The classic combination of clams with XO sauce gets a black truffle upgrade. 
Yellow earth chicken is roasted in a terracotta urn/stove fueled with charcoal, a stove created and designed by Chef Margaret Xu. The high temperature...
Part of the joy of this recipe is making your own rice cakes! Make an extra batch to heat up during the week for a speedy dinner. 
If you're lucky, a Hakka matriarch would have made the rice wine that you're making this dish with. Otherwise, you can find it at an Asian grocer. 
If you don't have the facilities to make a 63°C egg, you can also substitute with a soft boiled egg. 
A filling made of fish, black mushroom, preserved cabbage and ginger elevates the humble tofu into a savoury meal. 
Traditionally served during the winter solstice, the round shape of these dumplings signifies the togetherness of a family in the Chinese culture. 
This a very traditional Hong Kong-Chinese-style of cooking crab in hot oil. It's a visually stunning dish and let your senses take you on a salt and pepper...
This is a classic Hong Kong breakfast dish, however, you can have it for lunch and dinner too. It is usually accompanied with a smooth, rice congee.
Purple noodles are made from soaking the rice with butterfly pea flowers, extracting its wonderful vibrant colour.
Traditionally, rice paper rolls in Saigon are filled with prawn and pork. At Vietnam House restaurant, we like to elevate the cuisine and add a bit of modern...