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SBS Learn is the educational arm of the wider SBS Outreach initiative, focusing on creating quality materials for teachers aligned to the Australian curriculum.

Are you a teacher looking for SBS resources to use in your classroom? Well, you’ve come to the right place; welcome to SBS Learn! Since 2015, we’ve collated teacher resources connected to SBS content specially for you and the education communities you serve.

Here at SBS Learn we know just how important it is for students to feel represented and seen in the classroom. That’s why all of our resources are designed with the values of diversity, inclusion and connectedness in mind. Teaching and learning prepares young minds for the world beyond the school gates, and SBS Learn is here to help you guide your students there.  

On our website you can access teaching resources that are:

  • Available for Foundation through to Year 12
  • Tailored to the Australian Curriculum and relevant across the country
  • Covering all Key Learning Areas
  • Clearly connected to Cross Curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities
  • Ready to download, save and share with colleagues and students
  • Ready for immediate use including classroom-friendly clips

And if all that doesn’t excite you, the SBS Learn team also looks after Outreach at SBS. That means we travel to communities all around Australia, running events, screenings, workshops and more. You can check out our latest activities on the SBS Learn News page of this site, and discover ways you and your students can be involved with SBS

Here at SBS Learn we’re good students who are always open to teacher feedback. If you have suggestions for how we can make SBS Learn even better we want to hear from you! Write to us at via sbslearn@sbs.com.au

Happy (SBS) Learning!

The SBS Learn Team

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