Are Your Students Addicted to Technology?

Source: Joined Up/Closer Productions for SBS

This teacher resource accompanies SBS On Demand interactive documentary, Are You Addicted to Technology? The documentary and resource explore the topic of the ‘attention economy’ and the physiological, psychological and behavioural effects of excessive screen time. How do we interact with technology in our daily lives and are we in control of our own behaviour? The resource includes:

  • Short clips selected from the documentary;
  • Context, background and further reading for teachers;
  • Practical classroom activities;
  • Perspectives from experts;
  • National survey including process and findings;
  • Frameworks to develop empathy, critical and creative thinking.

Experience SBS On Demand’s interactive documentary Are You Addicted to Technology?  Streaming from 21 April exclusively at SBS On Demand on iOS and tvOS apps only. Update or download the latest versions (minimum requirement OS 13.5). 

Australian Curriculum

Digital Technologies
Years 9-10: ACTDIP043

HASS - Civics and Citizenship

Year 8: ACHCS071; Year 9-10: ACHCS085ACHCS099

Health and Physical Education
Year 8: ACPPS072ACPPS075; Years 9-10: ACPPS093, ACPPS092, ACPPS094