Building Resilience in Young People

Source: Photo by Paul Shakeshaft.

This resource provides additional context and activities to enrich viewing of the documentary Backtrack Boys. The film and accompanying resource are intended for young learners - no matter their gender, socio-economic background or ethnicity. The resource includes:

  • Guidance on watching the whole film, as well as activities based on shorter excerpts; 
  • Ways to use the film and resource for teacher professional development; 
  • Insights into the making of the documentary; 
  • Case studies that cultivate empathy and personal growth in students; 
  • Discussion ideas and classroom activities. 

While an outstanding learning resource, the film Backtrack Boys is rated MA15+ so needs to be reviewed carefully by teachers. 

Australian Curriculum

Year 10: ACELA1564, ACELA1565, ACELT1639, ACELY1750.

Years 11&12: ACEEN001, ACEEN002, ACEEN003, ACEEN004, ACEEN005, ACEEN006, ACEEN007, ACEEN008, ACEEN009, ACEEN010

Humanities and Social Sciences
Years 9&10 – Civics & Citizenship: ACHCK079, ACHCK093, ACHCK094, ACHCS083, ACHCS096, ACHCS084, ACHCS097, ACHCS085, ACHCS098, ACHCS086, ACHCS099, ACHCS088, ACHCS101, ACHCS089, ACHCS102.
Year 10 – Geography: ACHGK080, ACHGK081.

The Arts
Year 10 – Media Arts: ACAMAR079.

Health & Physical Education
Years 9&10: ACPPS089, ACPPS092, ACPPS093, ACPPS098.