Challenge Prejudice and Bust Stereotypes

Ray Martin, Yassm Abdel-Magied, Santilla Chingaipe on SBS's FU2Racism week Source: SBS

This resource is a guide to facilitating constructive conversations about racism in classrooms. Drawing on Face up to Racism programming from SBS, these materials will guide your students to challenge their preconceptions around race and prejudice. The resource includes:

  • Short clips from two SBS documentaries about racism; 
  • Exploration of multi-cultural Australian society; 
  • Guidelines for respectful classroom discussions; 
  • Ways to build confidence and safety as a teacher navigating sensitive topics; 
  • Discussion points, activities and practical tasks.  

This teacher resource was produced in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and was correct at time of original publication in 2017.

Australian Curriculum

Cross-curriculum Priorities
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
• Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia
• Sustainability

Year 9: ACELA1550ACELT1633ACELT1635ACELY1739ACELY1745
Year 10: ACELA1563, ACELA1564, ACELT1641, ACELY1749, ACELT1812