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'True Colours' is a gripping mystery, set in the Northern Territory. 

A powerful collaboration between SBS and NITV, 'True Colours' is a mystery that twists and turns between two laws to find a killer very close to home.
When he was younger Kurt Abbott was compared to Hollywood star, Idris Elba. Little did he know that one day he'd be trying his hand at acting.
Despite over a decade in the entertainment industry, 'True Colours' is a career first for Yolngu woman Rarriwuy Hick who plays bilingual Arrernte detective Toni...
‘True Colours’ airs over four consecutive nights during NAIDOC Week, from Monday 4 to Thursday 7 July. Here’s who’s who in this gripping new Australian drama.
Critics love the complex storytelling and top-notch performances in this new murder mystery from SBS and NITV.

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D.I. Ray is no token, and in ‘Line of Duty’ creator Maya Sondhi’s new series, the newly promoted detective earns her respect the old-fashioned way: hard graft.
Waves of shocked people suddenly transported from the past is not the biggest mystery in this intriguing crime drama.
Fans of the long-running medical series 'House' will feel at home with the grumpy but brilliant investigator in this Italian police drama.
A cop returns to the small town that cast him out to face the demons of his past – and investigate a brutal murder that leaves everyone a suspect.
As Nordic Noir phenomenon 'The Bridge' and its adaptations launch at SBS On Demand, we look at what makes the concept so remarkable.

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The rising Chinese-New Zealand star enjoyed grappling with the moral contradictions of mining camp headman Leung Wei Shing.
When a group of Australians out on a pleasure cruise comes across a boat full of refugees, they offer to tow them to safety. But when that offer goes fatally...
The past won't stay hidden in this genre-bending drama.
There's more than just a missing $16 million necklace at stake in this heist drama that delves into friendships and secrets.