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Tuesday 29th July

Ukraine's Trauma

As frustration grows over the lack of access to the MH17 crash site and
renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine, Dateline has the latest from Donetsk.

Bounty Hunters

By Sebastian Walker

Bail is big business in the US, from lucrative bail bonds to bounty hunters chasing bail jumpers, but who's really paying the price?

The Battle for Bali

By David O'Shea

Millions of tourists head to Bali, but are their demands on the island's environment and resources also threatening its very future?

Aussie-French Fusion

By Brett Mason

Dateline meets the Australian chefs cooking up a storm in the most unlikely of locations… the world’s culinary capital of Paris.

Next Week

Next Tuesday, more on the tense situation

in eastern Ukraine, plus the brave

14-year-old blogger defying death threats

in her fight for better education in Brazil.

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