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Local look at boyhood light on story, heavy on mood
It’s easy to see why film-makers – especially Australian ones - are drawn to coming-of-age stories. They’re as much about mood as they are concrete events, a sense of time passing and things slipping away.
It's an Ozploitation classic that takes a sledgehammer to snobbery. That's just one of many reasons to watch 'Body Melt' at SBS On Demand.
Like many Australians of a certain age, my first memories of Philip Brophy’s infamous 1993 horror-comedy are related to it’s memorably bizarre VHS cover, which I saw repeatedly when I experienced horror films mostly as reveries inspired by...
The controversial documentarian buries his analysis of Trump in a political love letter to Hillary.
Michael Moore in TrumpLand arrives as a sneak attack. The movie was shot 11 days ago, and it was only over the weekend that Moore arranged to have it premiere on Oct. 18 at New York's IFC Center. (It opens today for a week in New York and Los...
A rare, humanist Western, where finality is the true villain.
The haunting neo-Western Hell or High Water unfolds in present-day West Texas, where bank-robbing brothers (played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster) target small branches of the Texas Midlands Bank in tiny towns separated by miles of desert and...
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