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"Philip Kaufman is of the few American directors who can handle this sort of material. Almost everything is beautifully handled." - David Stratton Watch the full review and Movie Show interview with Philip Kaufman above.     
One of the most interesting and intimate relationship dramas seen on screen in recent years.
Driving in a silver Citroën convertible, a beautiful couple, no longer young, travel down winding roads to a secluded seaside hotel. It’s the south of France, 1973. In a spacious suite overlooking the white cliffs and cerulean ocean, he sets up...
The Armstrong lie gets the big screen treatment.
Cinema is full of heroic tales of one man taking on the system and coming out a winner. The thing that hits hardest with director Stephan Frears’ look at the career of Lance Armstrong is the way that for much of its running time this is one of...