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Explore some of our more risqué content, to find stories about human sexuality. (Includes links to watch movies online)

You've seen her in Room in Rome, Sex & Lucia and The Skin I Live In. Now meet the real Elena Anaya (includes links to watch films).
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Set your pulse racing with international stories of human sexuality that leave little to the imagination.
You'll cancel your plans too, when you see the range of free movies you can watch online right now. (Pictured: Next Door, from our Get A Room collection).

Top 5 Spanish Films of All Time

The 2015 Spanish Film Festival kicks off this week so what better time to look back – and ahead – at the best of the country's cinema.
Mr Grey and Anastasia could learn a thing or two from this lot.
In a two-part series, we speak to those in the know about the movie’s depiction of a BDSM relationship. First up: a submissive woman’s take on Anastasia Steele.