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Don't miss the saucy story of Henry and June Miller, and their mutual relationship with Anais Nin.
The controversial Cannes film will screen in Australia uncut.

SBS 2: Bloody Bromance: Rodriguez

Enjoy hours of mayhem and riotous fun this November, thanks to these pulpy homages by Tarantino's BFF, Robert Rodriguez. Every Wednesday on SBS 2.

SBS On Demand: Decadent erotica

Warm up for 'The Duke of Burgundy' with these fantastically erotic movies available at SBS On Demand.
Gaspar Noe's new movie 'pushes the envelope even further than Nymphomaniac'.
You'll cancel your plans too, when you see the range of free movies you can watch online right now. (Pictured: Next Door, from our Get A Room collection).
'Far From Men' proves yet again that Viggo Mortensen is an International Treasure.
Viggo Mortensen has become the unlikeliest of movie stars. Ever since hitting the jackpot with the Lord of the Rings movies (after what seemed like half a lifetime of supporting roles in mainstream fare), he’s carved out the career other stars...
Love cuts deep in chic biopic.
This stylish and intimate biopic is ravishingly beautiful. The actors, the clothes, the music and the cinematography conspire to convince us that Yves Saint Laurent was right: beauty is everything, and the world exists merely to inspire it. But...
Love a casualty in West Bank Oscar nominee.
We first meet Omar (Adam Bakri) as he scales a 20-foot high concrete wall using only a piece of knotted rope. It’s clear he does it often as he dodges the odd bullet. Young and wiry, with extraordinary hollowed-out cheekbones, Omar has the...
Superb revisionist western has real world implications.
PERSIAN FILM FESTIVAL: My Sweet Pepper Land is about a kind of battle and begins just as another has ended. Saddam Hussein is gone. The movie’s hero is a Kurd called Baran (Korkmaz Arslan). He is tough, quiet, a little cynical, wears a hat and...
French noir satire kills with comedy.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL In classic film noir immersions, such as Nicholas Ray’s On Dangerous Ground, the investigating police officer sent to solve a crime reveals flaws that match or mirror those of the perpetrator they obsessively...
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