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During WWII, two enemies are stranded and must fight together to survive.
Despite narrowly escaping death thanks to the help of a cop, a criminal goes back to his old ways.
A father and his wheelchair-bound son participate in an Ironman race together.
The third film in the series by Cédric Klapisch, after Russian Dolls and The Spanish Apartment.


An ex-con finds himself feeling protective over a teenager.
A man finds out his son was switched at birth with another child.
Jim Jarmusch directs this story of two hipster vampires out of their time.
In the 1970s, a gay couple fight for the right to adopt an abandoned boy with Down Syndrome.
A Nanjing massage parlour emplys blind people.
An all-star action adventure in which a lone Lego character finds his inner 'awesome', and embarks on a quest to save the universe from extinction.  
An underachieving vocal coach aspires to be a voiceover star like her father.


The dynamics of a Hong Kong family are explored.
Anna Broinowski goes to North Korea to learn the basics of propaganda filmmaking, to help her make an anti-fracking documentary.


Noah foresees a terrible disaster in which the world will be destroyed.