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Don't miss the saucy story of Henry and June Miller, and their mutual relationship with Anais Nin.
The controversial Cannes film will screen in Australia uncut.

SBS 2: Bloody Bromance: Rodriguez

Enjoy hours of mayhem and riotous fun this November, thanks to these pulpy homages by Tarantino's BFF, Robert Rodriguez. Every Wednesday on SBS 2.

SBS On Demand: Decadent erotica

Warm up for 'The Duke of Burgundy' with these fantastically erotic movies available at SBS On Demand.
Gaspar Noe's new movie 'pushes the envelope even further than Nymphomaniac'.
You'll cancel your plans too, when you see the range of free movies you can watch online right now. (Pictured: Next Door, from our Get A Room collection).
Scorsese beautifully captures Howard Hughes' achievements.
Leonardo DiCaprio plays Howard Hughes in the most public period of his life. Inheriting his father's fortune, Hughes embarks on an independent film career, staging the most adventurous aviation picture of the time, Hells Angels. Hughes was also a...
Snappy dialogue and spot on performances will capture you and may also irritate.
Whit Stillman is the Jane Austen of New York filmmakers. He watches the yuppie classes at play and wryly observes them. The Last Days of Disco is his third film after Metropolitan and Barcelona. It`s set in the early 80`s, just as the disco era...
A laid-back but only fitfully engaging hybrid.
Jack, Billy Bob Thornton, Carter, Hank Azaria, and Harlan, Ryan Philippe, are dope growers. Somewhere in rural California, they`ve been cultivating acres of weed on behalf of San Francisco businessman Malcolm Stockman, John Lithgow. But when...
This is a film for which you have to suspend a lot of disbelief, but it`s worth it, because this is one of the better, more inventive, certainly more intelligent action films around at the moment. To start with, it has a couple of excellent...
A visually rich film with the violence dealt with more discreetly than in the book.
Bateman occupies an office at Pierce & Pierce, who specialise in murders and executions, oh, sorry I got that wrong - it's mergers and acquisitions. You can't say he works there - he arranges lunch at 'now' restaurants, he gives sartorial...