Social Services Minister Scott Morrison says proposals to change the assets test for pensions are worth a closer look.
Sports scientist Stephen Dank is planning to sue ASADA and its chief executive Ben McDevitt for defamation, according to Fox Sports News.

Mapping Australia: The ebb and flow of our cities’ populations

Australia’s population continues to grow, with Melbourne’s population set to overtake Sydney. What about your local area?
Prince Harry will arrive in Australia next week for a four week military attachment with the Australian Army.
A Chinese national accused of murdering her ex-lover's wife and grandson with a pair of garden shears sobbed as she was remanded until July.
A 51-year-old Perth woman is facing charges after allegedly hurling racial insults and threatening a Congolese family with a crowbar.
Gunmen stormed a Kenyan college campus in the north eastern town of Garissa, setting off explosions and exchanging gunfire with security services for several...

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Abandoned during the Vietnam War and airlifted out for a better life, 'Operation Babylift' orphans reflect on adoption, growing up in white Australia and the search...
An explosion in Yemen has caused one of the biggest cases of civilian deaths since March 26, killing at least 25 workers according to medical sources.
At least four people died after a fire broke out on a Pemex oil processing platform in the Gulf of Mexico early on Wednesday, leading to the evacuation of 302...
A powerful storm that's lashed Germany, Austria and Switzerland is believed to have killed at least nine people.

Greyhound grave 'tip of iceberg'

Police say the discovery of a mass greyhound grave and mounting allegations of live-baiting in the Queensland industry are just the tip of the iceberg.

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The world was dangerous long before the internet existed.
One in every 100 Australian children suffers from autism, but public awareness is still lacking, particularly within non-English speaking communities.
While Twitter ups its handling of harassment reports, the law lags behind, according to Andrew Quodling.
A James Turrell exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia is hosting adult-only naked tours.
Almost all major international airlines are eager to exploit the cost advantage of employing younger, less experienced – and therefore cheaper – pilots, writes...
Nigeria's first democratic change of power has seen Muhammadu Buhari win the presidential election over incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.
The human rights group Amnesty International has released its annual report on the death penalty.
India’s cricket fans are donning the face paint and unfurling their flags in Australia and beyond as their national team prepares for battle in the World Cricket Cup semi-final.
A Victorian mother and her adult son are among the 150 victims of a plane crash in the French Alps. They were aboard a Germanwings flight between Barcelona and Duesseldorf when it crashed in mountainous terrain in southeastern France.
All eyes turned to the skies for a solar eclipse offering spectacular views from selected plane seats, some European countries and a remote Arctic archipelago.
An art exhibition in regional New South Wales is bringing a new perspective to Aboriginal mission life.
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has passed away at the age of 84 after a brief illness.
Tributes to the health workers who died from Ebola
Jo Dunlop began documenting the fashion of Sierra Leone when working in Freetown as a development health officer. She started a blog called Freetown Fashpack
The clean up is underway in Vanuatu's capital Port Vila after category five Cyclone Pam on March 13 left infrastructure damaged and the island strewn with debris.
Communities in Kiribati and Tuvalu have been severely damaged by storm surges and flash flooding as a result of Cyclone Pam.

Quakers Hill Nursing Home Fire

The Quakers Hill Nursing Home after the fires on November 18, 2011.