Chronic problems with a faulty rudder system and the way pilots tried to respond were among a string of factors contributing to the crash of an Indonesian AirAsia...
Japan's whaling fleet has set out for the Antarctic to resume a decades-old whale hunt, defying global outrage, after a year's hiatus.
The Australia Council for International Development says Prime Minister Turnbull's announcement of at least $1 billion in climate financing over five years is ...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet agreed on Tuesday on plans to join the military campaign against Islamic State in Syria, a government official said.
The are fears for the future of the Mental Health in Multicultural Australia project, with stakeholders saying the project's new contractor had left them out in...
ANZ says foreign investors have had an increasing presence in Australia with the depreciation of the Australian dollar supporting them.
The name Goolagong is synonymous with Australian tennis, and now Ian Goolagong is using his passion for the sport as a vehicle for social inclusion.

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Australians: we’re a mixed bunch. The last Census revealed we’re made up of over 300 different cultural ancestries, with thousands of hybrid mixes. What’s your...
Teachers have told SBS News a new numeracy and literacy test, which one in 10 teaching students failed, is important to maintain basic skills.
Reports that a family was removed from a cinema after refusing to stand up during the playing of the national anthem has sparked debate over patriotism in India.
A team of special agents will be formed in Mexico to investigate what appears to be the murders and burning of Australian surfers Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas.
Fires in Hong Kong, the United States and England have reportedly been linked to poor quality versions of a popular toy.
The federal parliament has heard further claims against embattled minister Mal Brough over the Peter Slipper diaries.
More than six years after the bodies of the Lin family were found in their home a jury has been unable to reach a verdict at the accused killer's trial.

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Aboriginal languages is set to enter the NSW education curriculum, the education minister announced Monday.
A member of the Russian royal family who died alone under a tree in the Northern Territory town of Katherine, while walking his dog, has been laid to rest.
The 2016 Pirelli calendar, featuring Amy Schumer, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and Patti Smith, is a small step toward appreciating different kinds of beauty, writes...
Opinion is split in the central Queensland city of Mackay as to whether Syrian refugees will be welcome in large numbers.
The COP21 climate talks in Paris will see some of the most powerful men and women come together to discuss ways to tackle global climate change concerns. But what...
More than 200 Australians suffering from vascular dementia are set to take part in Australia’s largest trial of Chinese herbal medicine.
France is hosting representatives from 195 countries for a climate change summit, in what is being seen as a show of solidarity after the Paris attacks.

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How does Australia's commitments compare to other nations ahead of the December climate talks in Paris?
If you live in a large town or city you might think visiting your GP every few months is not uncommon, but regular doctor visits are not the norm in some parts of...
As year 12 students across Australia complete their final exams, some results are already in.
Nuclear reactors provide 11 per cent of the world's electricity, but where are they? Find out with this interactive data visualisation.
The federal government has announced it will withhold childcare benefits for parents who do not vaccinate their children. What areas of Australia have the lowest...

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On November 6, two dams burst at a mine in Brazil owned by BHP Billiton and Vale, unleashing torrents of waste that flattened a village in Minas Gerais State.

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As the world continues to mourn the victims of the Paris attacks, social media has lit up with artistic sparks as artists express their feelings in the wake of the tragedy.

In pictures: The Paris attacks

Belgian police have detained three people in connection with the bloody terrorist attacks in neighbouring France, for which the Islamic State extremist group claims responsibility.
Witnesses are describing scenes of carnage throughout Paris after a series of attacks on the French capital.
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