• Speed job dating is a novel way to matching applicants to jobs. (SBS World News)
It's speed-dating at a completely different level.
John Hayes Bell

24 Oct 2016 - 6:49 PM  UPDATED 24 Oct 2016 - 7:41 PM

It's not a search for a new partner, but a refined hunt for a job opportunity using a novel approach.

Mimicking speed dating, at this previously untried event, a group of 40 refugees are given five minute blocks of time to woo and hopefully impress would be employers and job market professionals.

Organiser Nirary Dacho, himself a Syrian refugee, says it has been a great success and is bound to lead to more job speed dating days.

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"Here's is the talent, in refugee community, in asylum seeker community - so it's worth to have a look at this talent and consider them as highly skilled people you know," he tells SBS.

Simone Allen from Mondo Search, an executive recruitment company, says the initiative is an excellent way to connect employers with potential candidates.

"Incredibly worthwhile. In fact I've recently posted a blog about it and connected with all our clients to say look at this mechanism for reaching out to incredible talent, just hidden talent you wouldn't be aware of," she says.

Organiser Nirary Dacho had the idea of a two hour session of rotating opportunities.

"I applied like 100 applications to different companies to get any job and I ended up with nothing because I don't have local experience," he says.

The IT expert, who was an academic in Syria, was given a chance by his first Australian employer Dolby to start the program called "Refugee Talent".

Tapping into employers and recruitment agencies representing sixty businesses was an initial group of 40 refugees including Syrian brothers, Rami and Rawad.

"I have a degree from Damascus University in economics, banking and insurance. I'm trying to do the best to work in my section," Rawad Kaiber says.

The philosophy of Refugee Talent is simple "Gain Local Experience", "Use your skills", and "Improve your long term prospects", says Nirary.

"Here's is the talent.. in refugee community in asylum seeker community so it's worth to have a look at this talent and consider them as highly skilled people you know."