• Michelle and Michael Aronson created Grants of Australia and now their daughter Tammy Seligmann has joined the business. (Supplied)
When Michael and Michelle Aronson couldn't find a fluoride-free toothpaste they liked, they decided to create their own. Their toothpaste brand has grown for thirty years to become a product loved by Australians. Now it's starting to squeeze its way into the Asian market.
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18 Jun - 5:35 PM 

Three decades ago two parents realised a need for healthy and pleasant tasting fluoride-free toothpaste while searching for an alternative for their three children.

That was the catalyst for Michelle and Michael Aronson to create their own toothpaste.

“I said to Michael one day, you know, I'm so sick of the kids eating their toothpaste, it’s full of sugar,” Mrs Arson said.

The teacher and electrician transformed their frustration into an idea to develop their now respected Grants of Australia brand.

They first took their recipe to a chemist who ordered a small run, before more shops caught on and finally distributers wanted in.

“It was very slow, in the early days, very slow, because it was piece-meal, going out and doing our own selling,” Mr Aronson said.

Their daughter Tammy later joined the business and continues the family tradition of producing affordable  natural products.

“I liked the product, better than the original one they used to bring home from their shop,” Tammy Seligmann said.

“They used to bring home these brown, green coloured revolting herbal toothpastes. So it was good to be able to contribute to making something that we liked.”

Supermarket giant Coles began stacking Grants on their shelves in the late 1980s.

And today it can be found in Woolworths, dental surgeries and in China.

Over the next couple of years the business will focus on growing its export position, mainly into Asia.

“You see the product everywhere, so you feel very proud for what we've done, what we've achieved,” Mr Aronson said.