• Deaf Australian Ninja Warrior competitor Paul Cashion was disqualified after his foot hit the water. (Nine Network)
Viewers of the show have reacted angrily after a deaf competitor was knocked out, with some accusing the Nine Network of treating him unfairly.
SBS World News

17 Jul - 8:26 AM 

Paul Cashion appeared on the local version of the Japanese show, in which competitors attempt to complete a series of increasingly difficult obstacle courses in a certain amount of time.

Prior to his run, Mr Cashion had said he hoped his achievement would inspire others.

“I want all deaf people and all people with impairments to see me tonight and think that they can be on the show too,” he said.

Unable to hear the buzzer, Mr Cashion was relying on signals from his stepson Josh.

On the first obstacle, where competitors jump from side-to-side across platforms, he slipped off the board, his feet hitting the water.

This is an automatic disqualification.

But unaware he was out of contention, he kept going until an official from the show alerted him to Josh motioning that his turn was over.

Twitter was quickly flooded with viewers asking why the show hadn’t made accommodations for Mr Cashion.

Others criticised the Nine Network for taking advantage of his disability.

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