World News Radio September 23

The Federal Government defends its new school funding model. Syria's president insists the airstrike on Syrian troops was deliberate. Weekend sport preview.  
SBS World News Radio: An international aid group is calling on the Australian government to offer aid to ongoing humanitarian crises in parts of west Africa.
SBS World News Radio: Federal, state education ministers meet over new funding plan  
SBS World News Radio: Aboriginal servicemen and women honoured at War Memorial   
SBS World News Radio: More funding for refugee health and wellbeing in Victoria 

Weekend sport preview

SBS World News Radio: Weekend sport preview  

World News Radio September 22

The rift between the United States and Russia over the war in Syria on full display at the United Nations in New York. Charities say the federal government's...
SBS World News Radio: Bosnian Serbs vote this weekend in a referendum that seeks to enshrine January 9 as a National Day for Republika Srpska, the Serb entity in...
SBS World News Radio: US Secretary of State John Kerry has demanded Russia and the Syrian government immediately stop flights over Syrian battle zones in a "last...
SBS World News Radio: A landmark global climate agreement is closer to coming into effect by the end of this year.
SBS World News Radio: War-crimes trial of extradited Perth man begins in Croatia   

World News Radio September 21

Australia will take refugees from Central America but Labor says solutions must be found for those on Manus Island and Nauru. The first Australian extradited to...
SBS World News Radio: Portrait of Sudanese refugee is the People's Choice 
SBS World News Radio: Australia is to take refugees from Central America as part of a US-led program, and stick to its plan to increase overall its humanitarian...
SBS World News Radio: Departing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has rebuked leaders at the United Nations General Assembly for failing to tackle many of the...

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When the head of the NT Labor Party disappeared overnight to help Kurds fighting IS in Syria, it was big news. When he returned alive three months later, Australian...
As world leaders agree to develop a more humanitarian response to the refugee crisis, France's Calais migrant camp swells to around 10,000 people. SBS Senior...
A global study of more than 60,000 injured cyclists found helmets reduce the chances of serious head injury in a crash by up to 70 per cent.
A portrait of defence lawyer and Sudanese refugee Deng Adut by Sydney artist Nick Stathopoulos has taken out this year's Archibald Prize People's Choice award.
A study into the DNA of Aboriginal Australians has shed new light on when their ancestors left Africa and revealed extensive genetic diversity between west and...
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Masturbation, tarot cards, Harry Potter - according to some, they open the door for Satan. Meet the people performing exorcisms to get the demons out.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shared the Australian migration story and urged leaders to build more community support at the UN refugee summit.