A Japanese official says opposition to Japan's whaling program is a kind of "eco-imperialism".
The Dutch government is being sued over the deaths of Dutch-Moluccan hijackers who seized a passenger train in 1977.

World News Radio November 28

Tributes for cricketer Phillip Hughes, who's died after suffering a head injury playing the game he loved; Victoria gears up for elections ... what does it hold...

SBS World News Radio November 27

Calls for an abuse inquiry covering all of the Defence force; The battle heats up over Super Trawlers; Depression's toll on 350 million people.
A long-awaited report has recommended a royal commission into sexual abuse allegations at ADFA in Canberra.
Child rights groups says up to 10 million girls around the world are forced into marriage before their 18th birthday every year.

Attack on Perth mosque condemned

The Imam of a Perth mosque has condemned an attack on the building.
Dozens of high profile Australians have lent their voices to a campaign aimed at helping free children from immigration detention centres. 
A new report has found that a third of companies in Australia have no women in key management jobs.
A new report is calling for an end to impunity over rape and sexual violence against women in the DRC.
Passage of the proposed changes to the 2007 Australian Citizenship Act didn't proceed as smoothly as the government would have liked. 
The police officer at the centre of violent race-based unrest in the United States has spoken publicly for the first time.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott is being urged to remove Defence Minister David Johnston from his portfolio.
The Pope has strongly criticised European institutions, calling them aloof and insensitive.
A leading international expert on infectious diseases believes the presence of bubonic plague in Madagascar won't reach the proportions of Ebola in parts of west...

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The battle of the year as rival network personalities engage in an inner-city brawl that makes Ron Burgandy’s scuffle in Anchorman seem trivial.
An Australian family Friday spoke of their shock after a man jumped out of bushes and drove off in a hearse carrying the body of a relative just before his funeral.
Cricket fans have been taking to social media to mark the passing of Phillip Hughes in a heart-warming and six-hitting way.

Vale Phillip Hughes, 1988 - 2014

Family, friends, team mates and fans are in mourning after the passing of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes.
Video bloggers – known as 'vloggers' – must make it clear to their audiences when they are promoting products, a British advertising standards body has ruled.
This could be the moment all Australian adults are allowed to have their relationships recognised, Australian Marriage Equality believes.
They're called "man's best friend" for a reason.