Australian scientists have slipped another piece into the puzzle about human language development, and it suggests that some three billion of us may have more in...
There are concerns a proposed massive trade deal could have an impact on Australia's health system.
British immigrants have launched a campaign to respond to what they call racial vilification ahead of May's elections. 
Aid organisations have launched a campaign against any further reductions to foreign aid in the May budget.
The Australian Defence Force is to increase its efforts to recruit a more culturally and linguistically diverse workforce.
Australia is sending around 300 more soldiers to help train the Iraqi military.

Medicare co-payment plan scrapped

The Abbott government has abandoned its plans for a Medicare co-payment.
A leading economist believes the Reserve Bank will make another rate reduction later this year.
It's estimated as many as three million Syrian children are going without an education as a direct result of the conflict raging in their homeland.

SBS World News Radio March 3

Ceasefire under threat in Ukraine Are interest rates about to be cut again?; The WHO says "Turn down the music,".
The WHO warns hearing loss can have serious consequences for physical and mental health.
Taranjeet Bhatia hopes to be on a one-way trip to Mars in 2024.
Economists are split on whether Australia's Reserve Bank will cut official interest rates tomorrow to a fresh low of two per cent.
The family of a former Malaysian government bodyguard convicted of murder is pleading for Australia's help.
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has arrived in the United States to argue his case against a possible nuclear deal with Iran.

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This was a policy virtually no one wanted and that the Abbott government could never sell to Australian voters, writes Chief Political Correspondent Catherine McGrath.
The government has rejected claims that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations could raise the costs of medicines and limit Australia's ability...
Today's interest rate decision will increase sentiment in Australia's property market, but people in debt should beware of future rises, the Real Estate Institute...
Australian museums have joined a global archive of digital cultural artefacts in the Google Cultural Institute.
An international aid charity is warning that almost 30 countries are vulnerable to major health epidemics.
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