Hundreds of people have taken the streets around Australia as part of a national protest to support asylum seekers caught in the Asian boat people crisis.  
An inquest starts on Monday into the deaths in the Lindt Cafe siege more than five months ago.
Preparations for the Eurovision final are in full swing in Australia. 
A landmark report has warned a massive investment is needed- to avoid a congestion crunch on some of the nation's busiest roads.
Indonesia has criticised Australia's refusal to settle any of the thousands of people stranded at sea in south-east Asia.

SBS World News Radio 22 May

Cambodia agrees to take its first batch of asylum seekers from Australia; calls for Australia to devise a new anti-death penalty strategy; the second Eurovision...
The Australian government is being urged to overhaul how it campaigns to end the death penalty overseas.
There have been further calls for Cardinal George Pell to front the child sexual abuse Royal Commission.
There are fears that Islamic State militants will destroy the Palmyra ruins in Syria, which UNESCO has designated a World Heritage site.
NSW is to pilot a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, allowing people to ask police about their partner's past violent offending.  
The NZ government has bought one of the most significant battle sites of the country's land wars of the 1800s.
Islamic State extremists have seized almost full control of the ancient town of Palmyra in Syria, a World Heritage site.
The federal government is cracking down on what's known as the shared economy.

SBS World News Radio 21 May

A deal in Southeast Asia to help thousands of people stranded at sea; New Zealand's government buys a 19th Century land wars battle site; a look at how Sri Lanka...
Catholic Cardinal George Pell has been the subject of allegations of bribery and knowledge of abuse at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child...

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