A new government of national unity is being formed in Afghanistan, after rival presidential candidates signed a power sharing deal.
There are grave concerns in communities in Western Australia's Kimberley over reports that methamphetamine use is on the rise.
Hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in cities across the globe calling for urgent action to tackle climate change.

SBS World News Radio 23 September

Australians mentioned in a new message from the self-proclaimed Islamic State; Can the media play a role in tackling vilification of Muslims; Meth use on the rise...
Fears of a public backlash against certain migrant and refugee communities have prompted the Victoria Police Multi-faith Council to issue a public letter urging...
Amid growing vilification of the Muslim community in Queensland, the state government has brought community leaders and media together to ensure timely responses...
An 11th hour bid to curb marine sanctuaries in South Australia has failed, in a tight and controversial parliamentary vote.
A group of Australian-Indian businesspeople has submitted an application to Melbourne City Council to operate up to a dozen rickshaws in the city.
Members of Australia's Muslim community have set up a Facebook page to track religious hatred and discrimination.
Nations meeting over the weekend in Cairns have announced they are on track to grow the world's economy by just under two per cent by 2018.

SBS World News Radio 22 September

Concern as the federal government prepares to introduce draft changes to anti-terror laws; A global call to action on climate change; G20 finance ministers wrap...
There are warnings proposed changes to Australia's anti-terror laws would herald a dramatic shift in the country's values of freedom and openness.

Weekend Sport Wrap

SBS World News Radio's weekend sport round up with Attila Mosonyi.
The Victorian Government has become Australia's first to introduce laws expunging historical convictions for gay sex.
MSF Australia has called on the Australian government to go beyond pledging millions of dollars to fight the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

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It was the wink that won the headlines, but will Tony Abbott’s infamous reaction to a phone sex worker take out the top award at this year’s Ernies?
Emma Watson has been targeted by an ominous website in the wake of her speech calling for men to join the feminist conversation.
The FBI says its investigation into alleged computer theft is continuing after more nude celebrity photos were released online.
Mass rallies have been held in cities around the world to build pressure for action on climate change ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in New York.
Footage has emerged online of a brawl between a ‘Where’s Wally’ fancy dress bachelor party and Manchester United supporters at Piccadilly Station, Manchester.
The proposed ban, if passed, would force women to make unenviable choice. Obey the law and deny their faith. Obey their faith and risk criminal charges.
If we could go back 100 years in a time machine, what would kids be like? They’d be shorter, leaner, probably dirtier and less well-fed — but would they be fitter?