The Australian government is being accused of providing safe haven for war criminals.

SBS World News Radio 2 October

The latest from the Hong Kong protests;Australia accused of protecting war criminals;What is Sharia law?  
Sri Lanka is denying allegations of human rights abuse by its security forces from asylum seekers rejected by Australia and interviewed on SBS's Dateline program.
Opponents of coal seam gas exploration in Australia say there are a serious a lack of controls over how the industry operates.
Refugee advocates have held a protest in Melbourne over the re-introduction of Temporary Protection Visas.
MSF says Australia has adopted a nonsensical approach to the deadly Ebola epidemic in West Africa. 
The Ebola outbreak gripping parts of west Africa has had its first case confirmed outside the continent.
The Queensland government is facing the prospect of a wide raging federal inquiry instigated by Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer.
The IOM says an average of eight people die every day seeking refuge in the developed world.
Jewish academic Marcelo Svirsky is walking from Sydney to Canberra to bring a petition to federal parliament calling for Australia to turn its back on Israel over...

Explainer: What is Sharia law?

Sharia law is sometimes portrayed as synonymous with cruel punishments and this year it's even been linked with terrorism, but what does it actually instruct?
Activists say suicide attempts are on the rise and more than a dozen asylum seekers have sewn their lips shut on Nauru since the Abbott government announced...
A UN conference has called for an intensified effort to achieve the repatriation of Indigenous ceremonial objects and human remains being held in foreign museums...
As their country prepares for parliamentary and presidential elections many Tunisians appear to be disillusioned with the results of the revolution.

SBS World News Radio 1 October

Kathy Novak at the Hong Kong protests;Tunisians look ahead to parliamentary elections;Australia's bushfire seasons begins today.  

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