SBS World News Radio: The United Kingdom has stunned the world by voting to leave the European Union.

World News Radio 24 June

British PM resigns after EU referendum vote; Major political parties exchange blows over Medicare; Ben Simmons leads Australians' big day out at NBA draft pick
SBS World News Radio: Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will resign after a referendum vote in favour of Britain leaving the European Union.
SBS World News Radio: The campaign week ended as it started, with the major parties - and their leaders in particular - trading blows over the future of Medicare.
Melbourne teenager Ben Simmons has been named as the number one NBA draft pick and will represent the Philadelphia 76ers.
SBS World News Radio: A Turkish man has been found guilty of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for depicting him as the Gollum character from The Lord of...

Weekend sport preview

SBS World News Radio: There's another busy weekend of sport ahead with the Euro 2016 Football Championship into the knockout stages, the Copa America heading into...
SBS World News Radio: And now it is official - a historic ceasefire, signalled a day earlier, may have ended one of the world's longest-running conflicts, with...

Australians kidnapped in Nigeria

SBS World News Radio: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia is working closely with Nigerian authorities to try to secure the release of several...
SBS World News Radio: The United States Supreme Court has defeated a proposal by President Barack Obama to allow millions of illegal immigrants to live and work...

SBS World News Radio June 23

Millions of Britons vote in historic referendum; Day 46 of the election campaign; We meet athlete Linden Hall;
SBS World News Radio: A new study shows the overall number of deaths linked to firearms, including suicides, has dropped rapidly in Australia over the past two...
SBS World News Radio: The fight to become the nation's leader is intensifying as voting day in the federal election draws nearer.
SBS World News Radio: The Colombian government and rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, say they have reached an agreement on a ceasefire.
SBS World News Radio: Campaigners and researchers say ethnic minorities in Britain are more likely to vote to remain in the European Union and could sway the EU...

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With the majority of the votes counted in the UK’s EU referendum, it looks like the Leave campaign has pulled off a surprise victory.
A Greek-Australian hip-hop star has teamed up with Sydney University students to present a re-imagining of Homer's 'The Odyssey'.
Katanning is an Australian regional town where the migrant population has not only boosted the economy, but it’s also created a sense of harmony that locals say...
The future of an entire South Australian town remains in doubt following a mine closure, and a mass exodus. Could a proposal from Traditional Owners help it...

The making of Eddie Jones

WATCH: One-on-one interview with the coach of England's rugby team, Eddie Jones, on racism and rising to the top.
A Swedish footballer has been left red faced after he was red carded for farting during a football match.