A karaoke cilmb of Sydney Harbour Bridge is tailored towards tourists from China to help sing in the lunar new year. 
Australia's intelligence agencies and the Federal Police have dismissed concerns about proposed data-retention laws.
A group of young people from Australia and Turkey has just completed a trek through the historic, rough terrain at Gallipoli, in Turkey.  
The University of Melbourne has received a donation of hundreds of books on Serbian literature and culture. 
Jordan wants proof the pilot captured by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or IS, is still alive as negotiations continue over a prisoner swap.
The UN has announced it has arranged the release of more than 3,000 child soldiers in South Sudan.
The Austrian government is developing a series of measures to counter radicalisation of young Muslims.  

World News Radio January 30

Malaysia declares Flight MH-370 an accident;New faces vying for a seat in the Queensland parliament;Weekend sport preview. 
Australian and Papua New Guinean researchers believe they have made a breakthrough in treating malaria.
Oxfam is calling for a multi-million-dollar post-Ebola recovery plan in west Africa.
There's been a serious outbreak of fighting between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. 

World News Radio January 29

The Greek Prime Minister says the country won't be defaulting on it debts;Calls for a post Ebola recovery plan;Harry Triguboff's first impressions of Australia. 
A controversial Russian decree would try to stop transgender people from driving.  
New Yorkers had been warned to expect a meteorological apocalypse, with predictions of one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City.  
A long-awaited public inquiry into the death of a former Russian K-G-B spy has begun in London. 

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