How is dementia affecting members of Australia's non-English speaking communities?
Another deadline has passed with no sign of progress in the critical race for Australia to find somewhere to store its nuclear waste.
Members of Australia's Liberian community have rallied in Melbourne to call for more action in tackling the Ebola outbreak in west Africa.
A 23 year old Melbourne man has been charged with making funds available to a proscribed terror group operating in Iraq and Syria. 
The federal government has been warned it will breach Australia's international human rights obligations if it makes young job seekers wait six months for...

Dateline: 'Turned back to torture'

Serious claims of abduction and abuse at the hands of Sri Lankan authorities are emerging from asylum seekers returned from Australia.
Pro-democracy protests continue in Hong Kong;Calls for another royal commission into deaths in custody;The Dutch man who wants to make a lamp from his amputated...
The grandmother of a West Australian Aboriginal woman who died in custody is pleading for answers into how the 22 year old lost her life - despite being taken to...
Afghanistan has inaugurated its first democratically elected President in more than a decade, swearing in former Finance Minister, Ashraf Ghani.
Home buyers could soon face tougher lending rules as the RBA considers ways to rein in the booming housing market and protect the economy.
The federal government is likely to finalise a decision to join air strikes against the self-proclaimed Islamic State this week as it awaits a final agreement...
An Afghan Australian man allegedly tortured and killed by the Taliban may have been targeted because he was from Australia.
A blanket of ash has spewed from Mount Ontake in Japan, killing dozens of people and forcing a major rescue operation to be suspended.
Dio Wang has used his debut speech in the Senate to highlight Japanese atrocities in his birthplace of Nanjing in the late 1930s.

Comet landing a step closer

European space scientists are today taking another significant step in the mission to make the first ever landing on a comet.

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Several new buildings set to go up around Sydney could revitalise the city's skyline.
Tonight, a Dateline special investigation will air allegations of failed asylum seekers being abused by Sri Lankan security forces after being sent back by...
Physical movement improves mental focus, memory, and cognitive flexibility; new research shows just how critical it is to academic performance.
A private room with fetish wear at the ready, a leather sling hanging from the ceiling, and a naked man with a set of shiny utensils waiting for orders. No, we’re...
In a UK experiment that aimed to show the disregard people have for computer security, Londoners have agreed to give up their first-born child for WiFi.
Some failed asylum seekers, who’ve been sent back to Sri Lanka by Australia, say they’ve been abducted, tortured and abused by the Sri Lankan security forces on...

Trump lampooned over Twitter gaffe

Donald Trump has been inundated with mocking messages on Twitter after he was tricked into retweeting a photo of two UK serial killers.