Victoria police have launched a piloting reciepting program in parts of Melbourne in an effort to tackle 'racial profiling'.

SBS World News Radio March 30

A win for the Coalition in the New South Wales election;A win also for Australia in the cricket;How do whales hear; 

NSW prepares for poll

New South Wales voters go to the polls with the state's Coalition government likely to be re-elected, albeit with a reduced majority.  
Hundreds of mourners have packed Melbourne's Scots Church and city streets to farewell Malcolm Fraser.  
A former child detainee at Australia's offshore processing centre on Nauru has called on the federal government to release detained asylum-seekers.  
There are fears the conflict in Yemen could turn into outright civil war after Saudi Arabia and Arab allies launched air strikes throughout Yemen.  

World News Radio March 27

Prosecutors say the Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the French Alps;Joe Hockey puts the final touches on his second budget;Weekend sport...
UN officials are alarmed by the worsening situation for children in the world's war zones.   
Australian journalist Peter Greste has warned that governments around the world are using the fight against terrorism as an excuse to attack freedom of speech and...
The two Australians killed in this week's air crash in France are being remembered as generous and caring individuals. 
Plans for a $16.5 billion coal mine in Queensland's have been delayed by Indigenous protesters.
Les Murray speaks with football legend Pelé.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have clashed in parliament for the last time before the May budget. 

World News Radio March 26

School principals warn of an urgent crisis in funding for students with a disability;One teen's plan to take on the world's highest mountain;The world's largest...

Remembering the HMS Sirius wreck

This month marks the 225th anniversary of the shipwreck of the HMS Sirius off Norfolk Island.

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