SBS World News Radio March 5

Two Australians transferred for execution;Refugees arrested for rioting in Nauru;Trial begins for the Boston Marathon bombings;

Appeal for Ebola recovery support

The three West African countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak have appealed for international help to repair their economies.
Comments by a convicted gang rapist have enraged women's rights campaigners in India. 
Melbourne family accepts Fairfax apology for wrong identification of 'terrrorist' suspect. 
Tens-of-thousands of unionists have taken to the streets of major Australian cities demanding better protection for workers.
In an impassioned speech to the United States Congress, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has branded Iran a global threat.
Convicted Bali Nine members Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are reportedly on their way to the prison island where they're scheduled to be executed.

SBS World News Radio March 4

Israeli Prime Minister addresses US Congress;Australia's foreign aid budget;Battling male suicide;
Australian scientists have slipped another piece into the puzzle about human language development, and it suggests that some three billion of us may have more in...
There are concerns a proposed massive trade deal could have an impact on Australia's health system.
British immigrants have launched a campaign to respond to what they call racial vilification ahead of May's elections. 
Aid organisations have launched a campaign against any further reductions to foreign aid in the May budget.
The Australian Defence Force is to increase its efforts to recruit a more culturally and linguistically diverse workforce.
Australia is sending around 300 more soldiers to help train the Iraqi military.

Medicare co-payment plan scrapped

The Abbott government has abandoned its plans for a Medicare co-payment.

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A piece of jawbone with teeth attached, uncovered in Ethiopia, is the earliest known fossil of the genus Homo, to which humans belong, researchers say.

WHO declares war on hidden sugars

In a bid to combat obesity, the World Health Organisation is pushing for a big drop in the consumption of 'hidden' sugar in food and drinks.
Afghanistan’s crickets fans have come together in celebration of how far their team has come making it to the ICC World Cup.
A 31-storey portrait of Indigenous leader William Barak has been unveiled in Melbourne.
In her first interview since being appointed, Britain’s new High Commissioner to Australia says she wants to increase trade and experience first-hand what life is...
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Anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan sent a fake press release causing a temporary 314 million slump in the value of Whitehaven Coal.
There can’t be too many people in Australia who don’t recognise that the health of the Australian economy is increasingly determined in China, writes Mark Beeson.