Marking ANZAC's Albany birth

The beginning of the ANZAC legend did not start on the shores of Gallipoli, but on the shores of Western Australia.  

Debate over changing the NZ flag

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key is defending the $26-million cost of deciding whether to change the country's flag.
The federal government has teamed up with the Victorian government to target criminality, corruption and organised crime in the construction industry.   
Israel has decided to reopen the Al-Aqsa mosque compound after closing it in a move Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas condemned as a declaration of war.   
Most parents look forward to the day they'll become grandparents, but few would expect to become the primary care giver for their grandchildren.  

World News Radio October 31

The federal government's $2.5 billion dollar climate change policy passes the Senate; Commemorations for the original convoy that carried troops to Gallipoli and...
On Tuesday in the United States, voters head to the polls for what are termed the country's "mid-term" elections.  
More than half a million Australian school children have taken part in a nationwide music event celebrating the role of music in education.  
There are calls for greater recognition of Indigenous Australians' successes and positive contributions to society in a bid to change negative perceptions.
Zambia has become the first African country in two decades to have a white head of state.  
Egypt is demolishing homes along its side of the border with the Gaza Strip.   
A deal between the Palmer United Party and the federal government means the government's $2.55-billion Direct Action climate laws appear set to become law.  
The Federal Government says police and spy agencies would have a better chance of catching terrorists and other criminals under a new mandatory data-retention...

US ends stimulus program

The United States central bank is ending a stimulus program known as quantitative easing it started in 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis.  

World News Radio October 29

Child refugees say they're living in fear on Nauru;A test for the early signs of Alzheimer's Disease;The case against imprisoning fine defaulters. 

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The Prime Minister may have wanted a mature discussion, but the week in politics started out as anything but.
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