SBS World News Radio Aug 30

Australia's 45th parliament opens; Vietnamese refugees show their support for Syrians; The growing popularity of native foods;
SBS World News Radio: Former Vietnamese refugees now living in Australia have pledged more than half a million dollars to help ease the plight of Syrian refugees.
SBS World News Radio: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has called for logic to win over emotion in Australia's maritime border dispute with East Timor.
SBS World News Radio: The 45th Australian federal parliament has begun and it is already clear the Government's problems have only just started, too.
SBS World News Radio: More than 50 people have been killed in a suicide car-bombing at a military facility in the southern Yemen city of Aden.
SBS World News Radio: The number of accidental deaths from drug overdose in Australia is being described as having reached crisis point.
SBS World News Radio: Brazil's suspended president has spoken defiantly in her defence at her impeachment trial in the nation's capital, Brasilia.

SBS World News Radio Aug 29

A state funeral for victims of Italy's deadly earthquake; NSW Police launch an attack on the Lindt cafe siege inquest; A look back at the weekend in sport;  
In Italy the task of recovering bodies from the rubble caused by last week's earthquake continues.  SBS reporter Nastasya Tay is in Italy and she spoke with Peggy...
SBS World News Radio: A group of young Indigenous Australians has met Indigenous MPs in Canberra as part of a campaign to push for recognising First Australians...
SBS World News Radio: The New South Wales Police Association has launched an attack on the Lindt Cafe siege inquest, claiming it has destroyed the reputations of...
SBS World News Radio: Turkey's army and its allies have intensified their attacks on Kurdish fighters in Syria.
SBS World News Radio: There has been an outpouring of grief at a state funeral for some of the 290 people known so far to have been killed in Italy's deadly...

Weekend sport wrap

SBS World News Radio: When you look at the weekend just past in sport, the word "final" comes to mind.

World News Radio August 26

Powerful aftershocks in Umbria as the rescue effort continues;A preview of tomorrow's Northern Territory election;Weekend sport preview. 

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