It's estimated as many as three million Syrian children are going without an education as a direct result of the conflict raging in their homeland.

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Ceasefire under threat in Ukraine Are interest rates about to be cut again?; The WHO says "Turn down the music,".
The WHO warns hearing loss can have serious consequences for physical and mental health.
Taranjeet Bhatia hopes to be on a one-way trip to Mars in 2024.
Economists are split on whether Australia's Reserve Bank will cut official interest rates tomorrow to a fresh low of two per cent.
The family of a former Malaysian government bodyguard convicted of murder is pleading for Australia's help.
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has arrived in the United States to argue his case against a possible nuclear deal with Iran.
It appears voters may be giving Prime Minister Tony Abbott another chance, with the latest opinion poll confirming a pro-Government shift within the electorate.

New bushfire warning for WA

A new report from the Climate Council predicts that parts of Western Australia will become uninhabitable, as the bushfire risk gets worse.
A Muslim community group has said it's happy to have again contributed to Australia's annual cleaning up event.
The quintessential image of the sun-bronzed Australian is something it seems younger Asian arrivals are keen to emulate.
There have been calls and campaigns for Australians to boycott Bali to show defiance for the upcoming executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.
The federal government is putting $18 million into a program designed to provide safety and security for schools deemed to be at risk of racially or religiously...
Australians are being urged to contribute to a campaign to send essential items like toothpaste, toilet paper and sanitary pads to families displaced by the...
Tens of thousands of people have turned out in Moscow to remember killed opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.

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Australian scientists studying the development of human language say the world’s population may be more closely related than we think.
With many companies operating in a more global world than ever before, the idea of encouraging cultural fluency is taking hold.
A skydiver has escaped death after having a seizure during a 12,000 foot jump.
The family of a former Malaysian government bodyguard convicted of murder is pleading for Australia's help.
While most people argued back and forth about the colour of a dress, and which Lama wore it better, the Federal Government was given the green light to pass...