Gaza Doctor calls for peace

He's known as the Gaza doctor and was the first Palestinian doctor to be hired by an Israeli hospital.  
A group of Japanese schoolchildren affected by the Fukushima Nuclear disaster has travelled to Australia this week, as part of a trip organised by charity project.  
A small advance team of Australian and Dutch investigators has managed to access the MH17 crash site in Ukraine but the area remains risky.  
Ethiopian Prince Asserate says Western democracies have themselves to blame for thousands of African refugees arriving.
The operators of a website, which first launched in Victoria and now available in New South Wales, say they're helping parents nab last minute private school...
The treatment of children in immigration detention could be investigated by the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.
The Indian High Commission in Canberra says it's still making arrangements for officials to travel to the Curtin detention centre.

SBS World News Radio 30 July

The latest on the unrest in Ukraine;The high cost of fighting accused war criminals; A campaign to combat 'subtle' racism.

Downgrade for global economic growth

The IMF has warned that crises in the Middle East and Ukraine could hamper already weak global economic recovery.
Australian and Dutch unarmed police have been forced to turn around before reaching the MH17 crash site due to heavy shelling in eastern Ukraine.
Concerns are again being raised about the medical needs of asylum seekers in detention on Christmas Island.
The International Aids Society says children with HIV and AIDS continue to suffer as a result of widespread discrimination.

Push for pokies plebiscite

The 20th anniversary of poker machines in South Australia has brought a renewed a push for tougher steps to curb problem gambling - including calls for a...
UNICEF is calling for increased support from the international community as South Sudan edges towards a full scale famine.
A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found the majority of refugees feel they've been welcomed by Australia.

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The US administration is expected to release a declassified Senate report in the coming days that will detail abuses by intelligence agents.
As deadly conflict rages in Gaza, Israel and Hamas have taken to social media with force, using websites such as Twitter in the war for hearts and minds. It's a...
SBS journalist Nick Lazaredes says he 'hit the ground' after gunfire erupted around him at the 'highly volatile' MH17 crash site in Ukraine.