The COAG meeting has left WA disappointed over its demand for a new GST distribution deal.
Greece's government is releasing detainees from immigration centres and allowing them to move freely around the country.

Plan to expand MH370 search area

Australia, China and Malaysia say they're prepared to double the search area for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Africans rally against xenophobia

Rallies against xenophobia have been taking place across the African continent.
Australia's oldest WWII veteran is preparing to march in his sixth Anzac Day parade. 
A Melbourne researcher says the destruction of ancient heritage sites in Iraq and Syria by IS is unprecedented in human history.
A UN report has identified 45 armed groups in 19 countries as probably being responsible for rape or other acts of sexual violence. 
The UN's Special Rapporteur on Torture says he's not satisfied with Australia's response to his report criticising its asylum policy.

World News Radio April 17

Ten thousand people rescued from the Mediterranean Sea in the past week;Australia's oldest Karen World War 2 veteran gears up for Anzac Day;Weekend sport preview. 
Seventy years ago Moshe Fiszman believed he was about to be killed by his Nazi captors. 
A lawyer representing the Bali Nine duo says he's disappointed with Indonesia's reaction to Saudi Arabia's execution of an Indonesian.
The Australian Medical Association says the states and territories are facing a crisis in hospital funding, warning patients will be forced to wait longer for...
Thousands of civilians have fled western Iraq as Islamic State gains ground.

World News Radio April 16

Thousands to miss out on the Anzac commemorations;A Holocaust survivor recounts the horrors, 70 years on;The Japanese born ballerina appointed principal artist of...
The Australian Ballet is welcoming its first Japanese dancer to the role of Principal Artist.

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After getting a patent for giving robots personalities last month, Google now wants to unleash an army of robots on the world.
A Muslim couple who were verbally abused on a Sydney train want their abuser charged after video footage capturing the racist tirade went viral.
The new Star Wars trailer has premiered at the annual 'Star Wars Celebration' fan convention near Los Angeles.
Women fleeing abusive partners may have wait until next year before getting access to a scheme recognising ...
Wondering why the state leaders have been going tit-for-tat over the Goods and Services Tax this week? It’s a billion dollar debate that’s set to dominate...
If you’re a woman with a body that isn’t aesthetically pleasing to men, this insult may be familiar. But nothing infuriates such a man more than a fat woman who...
Seattle CEO Dan Price is slashing almost all of his nearly $1-million salary to hand out big raises to his staff.