Cairns reels over child killings

The city of Cairns is reeling after the discovery of the bodies of eight children in the suburb of Manoora.

World News Radio Dec 19

Proposed changes to data retention laws:Climate changes in the Arctic;New inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;
An exhibition by artists from different ethnic backgrounds and disabilities aims to highlight the healing abilities of creative work. 

SBS World News Radio Dec 18

Cuba and US restore diplomatic relations;Australia's Pakistani community in mourning;Young Aussies more likely to take sickies;

SBS World News Radio, 17 December

A Taliban attack on a Pakistani school draws global revulsion; The Islamic community responds to the Martin Place hostage tragedy; Secret recordings reveal...

Death of rare white rhino lamented

The death of a rare Northern white rhino at an American zoo has put the plight of the endangered species back in the spotlight.
Did the Sydney siege warrant such extensive medial coverage and how well did the media do its job?

Denmark claiming North Pole

Denmark has filed a claim with a United Nations panel over an area of the Arctic including the North Pole.
A senior federal government minister has urged the Australian public not to discriminate against the Muslim community in the wake of the Sydney siege.
Muslim leaders across Australia have rushed to condemn the Sydney hostage situation.
A defiant Dick Cheney has come out swinging after the CIA's interrogation program was heavily criticised by a Senate Intelligence Committee report.
The trade union movement says the federal government isn't giving enough priority to keeping Australians in work.
Foreign aid and public sector jobs have again become a casualty of the nation's worsening budget deficit.
New South Wales Police have begun a formal investigation into the hostage situation in central Sydney.

SBS World News Radio Dec 16

A hostage siege ends in Sydney;Anger over further aid cuts;Jamaican singer 'the next Bob Marley'.

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It is very difficult to be the best parent that you can when you are also struggling with mental illness. But it need not be this way, writes Sam Cartwright-Hatton.
In the Middle Kingdom, memes are not just an internet phenomenon, but a way of capturing the Chinese zeitgeist.
Refugee Hameed Kherkhah is getting closer to realising his dream of becoming the first Afghan-born cricketer to play for Australia.
Close to half of clients seeking help from a Sydney rehabilitation centre have problems with amphetamine use, which includes the increasingly-popular drug 'ice'.
A Canadian man who split with his girlfriend after buying a round-the-world ticket has found a woman with the same name as his ex to travel with him.
Comedian and disability activist Stella Young has been remembered as someone who took time to make others feel special.
Queensland MP George Christensen has criticised the #illridewithyou hashtag as a 'pathetic' left wing campaign.