A fresh wave of xenophobic attacks has cast a dark shadow over South Africa's 21 years of independence celebrations.
 A state of emergency's been declared in the U-S city of Baltimore to deal with violence that's engulfed it. At least 15 police officers have been injured...
Thousands of Yemenis have taken to the streets, calling for an end to Saudi-led airstrikes.
Hundreds of thousands of Nepalis have spent another night in the open after a massive quake that's killed more than four thousand people.  Officials say the final...

SBS World News Radio April 28

Rescue efforts continue in Nepal; Australians facing execution in Indonesia;Educating international students about sexual health.
There's fresh concern about funding on South Australia's APY Aboriginal lands.

Concern over changes to ASIO Act

There's concern proposed changes to the ASIO Act are not accompanied by adequate public interest protections. 
There's evidence that some international students in Australia might be missing out on important information about sexual health.
Rajish Aryal is from SBS Radio's Nepali program talks about the response of Nepalese Australians to the earthquake.
Reality is closing in on Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the two Australians condemned to execution in Indonesia for drug-trafficking.
The Labor Party is gearing up for a battle over gay marriage at its upcoming national conference in July.
A prominent Melbourne radio presenter has apologised after he was accused of making a derogatory comment about an AFL player on Friday night.
Hospitals in Nepal are struggling to treat thousands of earthquake survivors as aid groups and foreign governments intensify efforts to help.
Leading human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson doubts if information in Turkish military archives will settle a row over the use of the word 'genocide' to...
The count-down is on for the execution as soon as tomorrow of the two Australian drug smugglers on death row in Indonesia.  

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Publishing in the journal Nature in 1964, Australian scientists Bear and Thomas proposed a name for the scent brought on by rain. They called it “petrichor,” but...