Sweeping changes to health, education and our cities would see more jobs created, wages boosted and our current standard of living maintained - that's the message...
The United Nations estimates nearly a million Rohingya refugees have now fled violence in Myanmar and crossed into neighbouring Bangladesh. Their flight has...
In a bid to boost cultural awareness, students from regional and remote areas of New South Wales are getting a lesson in the basics of West African drumming.
The widow of a Sergeant La David Johnson, one of four US soldiers killed in Niger, has spoken publicly for the first time about her controversial phone call from...
Increasing numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are finishing Year 12 and going on to further study, but education groups say the figures...
Four out of five cancer survivors face life-long effects from their treatment, but a Sydney professor has been recognised for her team's work to search for a...

SBS World News Radio Oct 23

More on the upcoming closure of the Manus Island detention centre; Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claims an election win; A look back at the weekend in sport.
Young people in Victoria's multicultural communities are speaking out against alleged racial profiling at the hands of Victoria Police.
Just over a week before shutdown, and the fate of more than 600 asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island remains uncertain.
Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has secured a strong mandate in a snap election and has immediately promised to deal firmly with threats from North Korea.
The lawyer for an Australian teacher fatally shot in Kenya last week says he fears she may have been the victim of a targeted killing.
Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe's appointment as the World Health Organisation's goodwill ambassador has been revoked after global outrage prompted the head of...

Weekend Sport Wrap

There was plenty to see in the A-League, relief in rugby union, and the Ashes getting underway for Australia's female cricketers.
The Australian Lebanese Football Association held its biggest-ever multicultural cup day over the weekend with more than 22 teams flying the flag for their...
140,000 workers around the country with access to restricted areas of airports will undergo random testing for explosives, with the government saying the new...

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A Queensland mayor is stunned by the stupidity of four men who swam into a baited croc trap near the scene of a fatal attack and then smiled for the camera.
"My nose/skin colour aren't entertainment devices for you to realise you're racist. Learn EMPATHY."
Wrestling is a time-worn South Sudanese tradition that combines the physical sport, traditional song and dance ceremonies.
This week's release of secret files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy has implications far beyond conspiracy theories.
A new video shows young Australians speaking out against alleged discriminatory policing, which they say sees them targeted because of the colour of their skin.
The self-proclaimed caliphate is over. But what about the thousands of fighters who still pledge allegiance to the terrorist group?
A new advertisement against legalising same-sex marriage has been banned until late at night due to its explicit content.