SBS World News Radio Oct 23

The search for MH-370 continues;Domestic violence in ethnic communities;A breakthrough in spinal cord surgery;
A former ethnic community leader has accused the Labor party of abandoning the passion for multiculturalism instilled by Gough Whitlam.  
The widow of Australian journalist Greg Shackleton has slammed a decision to drop an inquiry into the deaths of the so-called "Balibo Five." 
Doctors in Melbourne have successfully carried out a world-first procedure by creating a new heel bone, using 3D technology.  

SBS World News 22 October

Oscar Pistorius receives a custodial sentence for killing his girlfriend.Calls to recognise a growing number of male domestic violence victims.Melbourne doctors...
Australian scientists have traced the origin of sex back the first intercourse to a pair of tiny fish in a chilly Scottish lake.  
Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has died, aged 98.

Dateline: No Rules School

It's become known as New Zealand's school with few rules where children are allowed to run amok during recess.

SBS World News Radio Oct 20

The search continues for MH-370;The hell of domestic violence;The weekend in sport;

Weekend sport wrap

World News Australia's weekend sport round up with Attila Mosonyi
Students, unions and non-government organisations in Cambodia are mounting a campaign to oppose the refugee deal with Australia.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has revealed there are more people wanted for extradition over alleged war crimes living in Australia.

SBS World News Radio 17 October

A scandal involving the Catholic church; How close is a vaccine for Ebola; Social cohesion in Australia.
Students protesters in Melbourne have taken inspiration from Hong Kong's so-called umbrella revolution.
The case of Erwin Kisch highlights how the issue of language proficiency has long stirred debate in Australia. 

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A voter in the United States has warned President Barack Obama to stay away from his girlfriend at a polling booth in the state of Illinois.

I found Sugar Man

Once described as the greatest protest songwriter that most people have never heard of, Rodriguez has always had a special place in Australia’s heart. SBS’ Janice...
Welcome to the SBS News Morning Wrap. Here's a look at the top stories this Thursday October 23, 2014.
Australian authorities are failing domestic violence victims and forcing them to shoulder responsibility in policing perpetrators, advocates say.
Yes, the introvert can be a great leader.
It’s the silent hell that kills one woman every week and injures hundreds of thousands more across all communities. SBS World News dissects domestic violence and...

What is Diwali?

More and more Australians are embracing Diwali -- the Hindi festival of light. It's a time for reflecting and cleansing, and can involve spring cleaning, shopping...