Lawyers for the man accused of bombing the 2013 Boston Marathon say he did plant the explosives, but jurors should spare him the death sentence.
A young Iranian refugee on Nauru has issued an emotional plea to the Australian government as unrest grips the island.
A new independent statutory office for enhancing online safety for children looks set to be introduced soon.
Scientists at a British museum have worked out the living weight of one of its most prized dinosaurs, a stegosaurus.
The head of the UK Independence Party wants a return to what he calls normal levels of immigration and says a system like Australia's would be the best way to do it.
A group of Perth Muslims has launched Roots TV, an online channel aiming to "counter mainstream media narratives" about Islam.

SBS World News Radio March 6

A vigil for the Bali Nine duo on death row; Unrest on Nauru; Dinosaur researchers unlock the secrets of early mammals. 
Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey is warning an older Australia 40 years from now, with fewer workers to support economic growth, will put deep pressure on the country...
The Australian government is making a final effort to keep Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran alive.
Guy Sebastian has been named the first ever artist to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Mystery surrounds the appointment of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a special advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.
SBS Radio's Dari language program speaks to an Australian fan with a special interest in Afghan cricket.

SBS World News Radio March 5

Two Australians transferred for execution; Refugees arrested for rioting in Nauru; The Boston Marathon bombings trial begins.

Appeal for Ebola recovery support

The three West African countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak have appealed for international help to repair their economies.
Comments by a convicted gang rapist have enraged women's rights campaigners in India. 

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The worldwide musical phenomenon that is the Buena Vista Social Club is saying adios.
Three Australian relatives helped British scientists identify the remains of King Richard III, unearthed more than 500 years after the monarch's body was buried.
Many common household products, including those marked 'green,' or 'organic,' have been found to contain potentially harmful chemicals not disclosed to consumers.
Beatrice Yordoldo has been discharged from an Ebola treatment unit in Monrovia as Liberia's last confirmed Ebola patient.
Most people have heard that Finland leads the world in education, but fewer have heard that Finland’s neighbour, Sweden, is the international leader in early...
The ALP has the opportunity to save the RET. But are they serious about it, or full of hot air?
Motoring Enthusiast Ricky Muir has delivered his first speech eight months after entering the Senate, saying he pinches himself regularly.