An AFL women's league is one step closer to reality with the launch of a female player academy in Victoria.
Beijing has again been blanketed in smog, with authorities issuing the second-highest level alert and advising residents to stay indoors.
Many businesses are preparing to take advantage of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, signed in Canberra back in June.
The Climate Council says bushfires will be longer and harder to fight and Australia needs to be better prepared.
A herbal medicine that appears to have shown promise in treating one type of dementia in China is entering its largest clinical trial in Australia.
Regional Queensland has been proposed as a prime location for the resettlement of some of the 12,000 Syrian refugees Australia says it will accept.

World News Radio November 30

Protests ahead of the Paris climate change talks;Mixed views in Mackay about an increase in refugees;Weekend sport wrap. 
Early signs of a predicted mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef could be a prelude to future damage from climate change.
SBS has spoken to refugees and migrants in Austria about the impact of the Paris attacks on them, after the attacks triggered anti-refugee reactions from other...
French police have have fired tear gas at demonstrators ahead of the World Climate Change Conference in Paris.
The European Union and Turkey have agreed on an aid package reportedly worth close to AU$5 billion to help Turkey deal with the EU migrant crisis.

Weekend sport wrap

Australia and New Zealand battling it out in a low-scoring first-ever day/night cricket Test has taken the lion's share of attention in sport over the last few...
The Prime Minister and select members of his cabinet are in Paris to present Australia's emissions reduction targets at a historic United Nations climate change...
With Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on his way to the Paris climate change summit, federal Labor has detailed the climate policy it will take to the voters next...

Weekend sport preview

Another busy weekend of sporting action includes Davis Cup tennis, the Australian Open Golf tournament, and the historic day/night test between Australia and New...

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France is hosting representatives from 195 countries for a climate change summit, in what is being seen as a show of solidarity after the Paris attacks.
It's not your typical rehabilitation regime, but the Australia Defence Force has embraced a rehabilitation program using creative arts to bring ADF members out of...
Bill Gates has committed his fortune to moving the world beyond fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.
EXCLUSIVE: A football fan fired from his job after his name was leaked to the media for a name and shame article about fans banned from A-League matches says he...
A street football program is helping some of Australia's newest residents find their way in Australian society.
An Australian man styling himself as Phuc Dat Bich has revealed his name was a hoax that fooled media organisations around the world after being contacted by SBS.