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SBS World News Radio 3 September

A second journalist beheaded by the Islamic State;Victoria abolishes suspended sentences;SBS gets a scientist in residence.
A High Court challenge to the Queensland's controversial anti-bike laws has begun in Brisbane and outcome will have national consequences. 
Hieu Van Le says his inauguration as the world's first so-called boat person to Vice Regal Office is a tribute to all migrants and refugees who've overcome...
The United Nations has agreed to send a mission to Iraq to investigate reports of atrocities carried out by Islamic State militants.
Ukraine's leadership is calling the conflict in the country's east a great war in which tens of thousands of people could die.
Federal government plans to make people under 30 wait six months for the dole may be under review.

Dateline: Celebrity defector

A 20-year-old rising music star has escaped North Korea to find a new home, and celebrity, south of the border.
Australian astronomers will soon be at the forefront of an historic mission to carry out the first ever landing on a comet.
Muslim community leaders in the ACT say they've been left out of federal government's consultations over its proposed counter terrorism laws.
Members of environmental group Sea Shepherd will face a Danish court after being arrested for trying to disrupt a traditional whale hunt in waters off Northern...
The Greens have failed in a bid to make new Australian military operations in Iraq subject to approval by federal parliament.
A Royal Commission has concluded the former Labor government's Home Insulation Scheme was fundamentally flawed, and deaths associated with it could have been...
The United Nations Secretary General has expressed alarm over Israel's move to seize new land in the West Bank.
Authorities fear Australia is facing a surge in use of crystal methamphetamine, or "Ice", similar to the United States, where it's a huge problem.
MSF has criticised the international community's response to the Ebola outbreak gripping west Africa.

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Today marks 75 years since Prime Minister Robert Menzies broadcast his message announcing Australia had answered Britain's call to join the Allies in World War Two.
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The Dalai Lama hopes that democratic changes in China may not be too far off, and he’s “quite definite” that he’ll see his Tibetan homeland again.
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In a scenario more usually associated with its cousin, cricket, a baseball game in Japan dragged on for four days with two high school teams slogging it out over...
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Five reasons why celebrities and civilians should never trust Apple with nude photos, or any data at all.
An East Kimberley facility which has helped reduce rates of domestic violence in the community by as much as 35 per cent is now in line for a prestigious national...
Does surrogacy reduce women to breeders and children to objects that can be exchanged? Some people are calling for commercial surrogacy to be banned.

Explainer: what is casual racism?

Everyday racism is so commonplace that it’s often normalised and infused into daily conversations through jokes and stereotypes or through unconscious body...