World News Radio October 7

Counter-terror raids in Sydney lead to several arrests;A High Court test case over offshore detention;A preview of the A-League season opener.
Australia is moving into a new economic era, where reliance on mining and manufacturing is shifting to technology - so say Australia's universities.

A-League kicks off 2015 season

With the AFL and NRL seasons now over, it's time for the A-League.
The government's offshore processing policy is again under scrutiny with the first day of a constitutional challenge heard at the High Court.
Russia's violation of Turkish airspace was 'no accident' according to NATO.
Australian privacy advocates have welcomed a decision by Europe's highest court to strike down a major data-sharing agreement with the United States.
Trade ministers from 12 Pacific rim countries, including Australia, have just agreed to create one of the world's biggest free-trade zones.
Police in western Sydney have arrested a student on his way to Arthur Phillip High School.
Predictably mixed reactions have greeted news of the billion-dollar Trade Agreement.
Israel has announced harsher measures to tackle violence from Palestinians.

World News Radio October 6

Police arrest a teenager over threats against a Sydney police station;Mixed reaction to the Trans-Pacific Partnership;Drug rehab centres struggling to cope with...
Turkey has warned Russia it will retaliate against violations of its airspace.
Medecins Sans Frontiers has criticised the latest explanation by the United States military of its bombing of an Afghan hospital.

World News Radio October 5

A rise in online hate speech following the fatal shooting in Sydney;Russia accused of bombing non-IS targets in Syria;The NRL Grand Final celebrations continue in...
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has warned the Middle East faces destruction unless a coalition including Russia, Iran and Iraq succeeds in destroying what he...

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A Yazidi-Iraqi woman and her husband are risking their lives to save women and girls being kept as prisoners by the so-called Islamic State.
The High Court has ruled that the breast cancer gene BRCA1 cannot be patented, after a cancer survivor refused to ditch her battle.
Negotiations in Hawaii could see consensus for the countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.
Lifestyle changes such as losing weight could lead to 37,000 fewer cancer cases in Australia every year, says new research
Scientists have found that the area around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor has become a haven for wildlife, according to the results of a new study.
Best-selling Swedish writer Henning Mankell, author of the Kurt Wallander police novels, has died at the age of 67, his publisher said on Monday.
Islamic State is 'way ahead' in the battle for the hearts and minds of Australia's young people, and they know words from community and religious leaders are not...