Australia says it's still awaiting Iraqi government approval for its Super Hornet planes to join US-led coalition forces in combat operations against Islamic...
Australian universities have featured highly in the latest World University rankings, improving on last year.
Australia's foreign aid budget could be cut in order to pay for the fight against terrorism.
The Reserve Bank of Australia says it's looking to encourage banks to lend less to property investors.
The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are drawing close attention around the world, but nowhere is that attention more intent than in Taiwan.
A vet is warning of the possibility of a rabies outbreak in the Northern Territory. 
As fear of Ebola's spread closes schools in Sierra Leone, the government is set to begin delivering education to sutdents by radio.
The Australian government is being accused of providing safe haven for war criminals.

SBS World News Radio 2 October

The latest from the Hong Kong protests;Australia accused of protecting war criminals;What is Sharia law?  
Sri Lanka is denying allegations of human rights abuse by its security forces from asylum seekers rejected by Australia and interviewed on SBS's Dateline program.
Opponents of coal seam gas exploration in Australia say there are a serious a lack of controls over how the industry operates.
Refugee advocates have held a protest in Melbourne over the re-introduction of Temporary Protection Visas.
MSF says Australia has adopted a nonsensical approach to the deadly Ebola epidemic in West Africa. 
The Ebola outbreak gripping parts of west Africa has had its first case confirmed outside the continent.
The Queensland government is facing the prospect of a wide raging federal inquiry instigated by Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer.

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