Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia's enemies are constantly striving to do more as he announced new counter-terrorism appointments.

Obeid's sons face legal action

Two of Eddie Obeid's sons and three businessmen involved with Cascade Coal are facing legal action over the alleged rigging of a coal licence tender.
Norfolk Island Speaker David Buffet will present parliament's leaders with a remonstrance motion that calls for the continuation of self-government.

Budget bills debate gets under way

The House of Representatives has begun debating the bills for the 2015/16 federal budget.
It's been one month since a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and claimed over 8,500 lives.

Greens against SBS ad changes

The Greens oppose a further commercialisation of SBS that would see a shift in its prime time advertising policy.
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau says the pilot of a helicopter that crashed in Antarctica two years ago may have been disoriented.
The United Nations has urged governments to address the core reasons for the scale of irregular migration occurring in south-east Asia, repeating the call for...

Greens stand firm on fuel indexation

The Greens continue to reject the re-indexation of the fuel excise while the revenue it raises is linked to road funding.
The Reef Casino Trust is looking towards new marketing initiatives and a partial revamp after the abandoned takeover bid by Aquis.

Schools, hospital spending to slow

A Senate estimates committee has heard spending on schools and hospitals will slow in coming years as a result of the federal budget.

Dellavedova in NBA controversy

Atlanta Hawk Al Horford has been ejected after throwing an elbow at the head of Australian Cleveland Cavalier Matthew Dellavedova.
The dress code for the immigration department now specifies that it's inappropriate for staff to wear onesies and ugg boots to work.
Straight men, research has found, are a lot more likely than straight women to fool themselves into thinking someone is romantically interested in them when they...
West Coast midfielder Luke Shuey says AFL umpires are doing a good job protecting players from serious head injuries.

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