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Five indigenous sisters make their debut at a Macquarie Fields Ball. The cops show up; because they're their dates.
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New Muslims

We focus on the religion of recent migrants and second-generation Australians. But there's a different face of Islam; Australians who have converted.
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What would you do if you lived in a booming country town and then all of a sudden everyone else left?
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Unattended Death

A ninety year old woman died in her home and wasn't found for six months. Diaries found in her belongings shed light on this lonely and brilliant mind.
Thirteen years ago Hookie, a Sydney based DJ, suffered an illness that caused scarring and the amputation of his arms and legs. Now Hookie gives us an insight...
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Meet a couple of country cowboys who defy the cliches of both LGBTQI and rural cultures.
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We all think about how to make our lives more meaningful; meet some people who have decided that less is more.
Ice Towns

The rise of crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, is devastating regional Victoria.
Ice is highly addictive, it's relatively cheap and a lot of it is produced right here in Australia.
It is a drug that is most often associated with bigger cities but as The Feed found out, ice is infiltrating small towns such as Horsham and Shepparton, destroying families and communities…

Regular segments

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Tip Snip: Male Circumcision

Denmark is considering outlawing male circumcision. So what are the arguments for and against the practice? Jeannette Francis reports.
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Camel Milk

Australia is home to hundreds of thousands of wild camels. Is the best solution to the scourge to cull them, or commodify them?
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2014 has been a spectacular year in douchiness. We take you over some of the high (low?) points. Who will take the crown?
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Mok Bang: Korean Dinner Porn

Every night, there are Koreans who gorge themselves, while people watch on youtube. Welcome to Mok Bang.
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The Mule is an Australian movie which is bypassing cinemas and going straight to online release. Is this the future for independent film? Marc Fennell talks to...
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Bec Caskey was the first female police search and rescue officer in Victoria. She faced the team's chauvinism all while dealing with some of the most horrific...
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Penises On Screen

Why do we see so much more female nudity in TV and films than we do male nudity? Jeannette Francis takes a look at the screen career of the penis.
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Uber Versus Taxi Companies

Taxi companies have been up in arms since Uber launched in 2009. So who is in the right? Andy Park explains.