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Latest Episodes

SBS PopAsia - The Eat Your Kimchi Show - February 8, 2016 PODCAST

The Eat Your Kimchi Show on SBS PopAsia. Catch Simon and Martina live every Monday from 8pm after Hashtag Hits.

  • Upload09 Feb 2016

  • Duration22 Minutes

  • Download11MB

SBS PopAsia - NU'EST's Aron's Hangout - February 5, 2016 PODCAST

Aron's Hangout on SBS PopAsia. Hang out with K-Pop star Aron from NU'EST to get your weekend party started. Live every Friday from 8pm after Hashtag Hits

  • Uploaded05 Feb 2016

  • Duration13 Minutes

  • Download7MB

SBSPopAsia - Hashtag Hits - How to get a cool job

We chat to Oz Comic Con founder Carissa Avenhouse about how to get your foot in the door of your chosen career, and the perks of co-founding a Con! Benefits include tours of Disneyland!

  • Uploaded05 Feb 2016

  • Duration09 Minutes

  • Download5MB

SBS PopAsia - Hashtag Hits - Cool jobs: be an animator

Find out what you should study to become an animator. School's back, holidays are over and now's the time to plan how to get a cool career.


Alan Chen, Head of Digital Media & Visual Arts at Raffles College tells us how.

  • Uploaded03 Feb 2016

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

SBS PopAsia - Hashtag Hits - Cool Jobs

Adelaide singer Yung Gemmy calls in to let us know how best to become a YouTube star!

  • Uploaded03 Feb 2016

  • Duration01 Minute

  • Download1KB

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