• Hosted by Jenny Brockie, Insight is a discussion forum focusing on a single issue with the participation of a studio audience. Insight covers many issues and topics, engages in sometimes heated debates, and encourages Australians from all walks of life to have their say.

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Latest Episodes

Insight S2017 Ep19 - Critical Care

Following a series of reports of suicides amongst junior doctors, Insight speaks to young doctors, nurses and medical students about the stresses they..

  • Upload20 Jun 2017

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download201MB

Insight S2017 Ep17 - Gut Feeling

Can changing our gut bacteria change us? Dr Michael Mosley returns to Insight for a discussion with fellow experts and ordinary Australians about how the gut can play an integral role in our overall physical and mental health. We discover that improving the wellbeing of this unglamorous organ can have profound effects – whether you have existing gut issues or not.

  • Uploaded06 Jun 2017

  • Duration53 Minutes

  • Download206MB

Insight S2017 Ep16 - Granny / Nanny

Grandparents are now the most popular form of child care in Australia. They are busily babysitting nearly half of Australia’s young children. But how much should be expected of grandparents when it comes to raising the kids?

  • Uploaded30 May 2017

  • Duration49 Minutes

  • Download190MB

Insight S2017 Ep13 - Mind At Work

Navigating the workplace with a mental illness can be challenging. Do you tell your boss about an illness? If you do, how will they react? And, what happens if your mental illness might affect your ability to do the job? This week Insight hears from employees and employers about how mental illness is being managed in the workplace? And asks, how can it be better managed?

  • Uploaded09 May 2017

  • Duration50 Minutes

  • Download194MB

Insight S2017 Ep12 - Weddings, Dollars & Dowries

How is dowry custom evolving in Australia? Dowry practices are alive and well in Australia, not only in sections of the Indian community, but dowry or bride price is widespread amongst the African and Islamic communities too. This week on Insight we examine the future of dowry in Australia and hear the stories of new communities struggling with old traditions.

  • Uploaded02 May 2017

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download200MB

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