• Hosted by Jenny Brockie, Insight is a discussion forum focusing on a single issue with the participation of a studio audience. Insight covers many issues and topics, engages in sometimes heated debates, and encourages Australians from all walks of life to have their say.

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Latest Episodes

Insight S2017 Ep21 - Coming Home

This week Gold Walkley award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie drives a discussion that asks: Are our soldiers equipped for everyday life?

  • Upload15 Aug 2017

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download203MB

Insight S2017 Ep20 - Consent

Please note this episode contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault. Consent has become a challenging area for schools, universities and parents. Insight asks; How do young people figure out what consent means?

  • Uploaded08 Aug 2017

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download199MB

Insight S2017 Ep19 - Teen Parents

This week Gold Walkley award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie drives a discussion that examines the topic of teen parents, and asks: How do teenage parents make it work?

  • Uploaded01 Aug 2017

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download201MB

Insight S2017 Ep18 - Sibling Carers

Every family dynamic has inherent tensions, but what's it like if your brother or sister has a disability; how does it affect you? Siblings talk about growing up with a complex mix of emotions: love, loyalty, care and compassion for their disabled sibling, but also shame, anger, guilt, resentment and grief. Many say they didn't complain as they were the 'lucky ones'. Mum and dad had enough on their plate, so they worked hard to be the good child amid the chaos. What's the price of suppressing feelings and desires so young? Siblings of people with disabilities report high rates of anxiety and depression in their adolescent years, but as adults they also tend to be high academic achievers, responsible and compassionate.

  • Uploaded11 Jul 2017

  • Duration50 Minutes

  • Download194MB

Insight S2017 Ep17 - Solo Parents

IVF clinics around the country are reporting a significant increase in single women taking up their services. This week, Insight looks at why women - and some men - are opting to become parents without partners, and what the long term effects are on children.

  • Uploaded04 Jul 2017

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download203MB

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