• Hosted by Jenny Brockie, Insight is a discussion forum focusing on a single issue with the participation of a studio audience. Insight covers many issues and topics, engages in sometimes heated debates, and encourages Australians from all walks of life to have their say.

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Latest Episodes

Insight S2014 Ep23 - Born Or Made

Where does talent come from – is it born or made? Hear from those who achieved greatness through hard work and child prodigies who were all but born..

  • Upload22 Jul 2014

  • Duration50 Minutes

  • Download194MB

Insight: S2014 Ep22 - Stem Cells

Desperate Australians are turning to controversial, unproven stem cell treatments for a whole range of illnesses. They say they’re tired of waiting for the long process of clinical trials to conclude, while they get sicker and sicker. This week, Insight asks whether current stem cell treatments are cause for hope – or just misleading hype.

  • Uploaded15 Jul 2014

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download200MB

Insight S2014 Ep21 - Tough Love

Is smacking children ever ok? This week we revisit that question as part of Insight’s 10th anniversary replay of favourite episodes from our archives. We’re joined by parents who believe in a firm hand and hear from parents who use other methods of keeping kids in line – everything from ‘time out’, removal of privileges, withholding food, or, as one of our guests puts it simply, “The Look”.

  • Uploaded08 Jul 2014

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download200MB

Insight S2014 Ep20 - Survival Part 2

In Part 2, we meet an IT worker Peter Moore who was abducted in Iraq and Bernie Shulte, a retired police officer, who was caught in a bushfire. In the conclusion of our special two-part series, Insight hears about what people did to get through extraordinarily tough times, and how they 'survived survival'.

  • Uploaded01 Jul 2014

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download198MB

Insight S2014 Ep19 - Survival Part 1

Survivors share their stories of what goes through their minds in those critical, life-changing moments. Jenny Brockie asks what drives people to fight for life -- and whether the battle to survive is worth it.

  • Uploaded24 Jun 2014

  • Duration52 Minutes

  • Download201MB

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