• Hosted by Jenny Brockie, Insight is a discussion forum focusing on a single issue with the participation of a studio audience. Insight covers many issues and topics, engages in sometimes heated debates, and encourages Australians from all walks of life to have their say.

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Latest Episodes

Insight S2014 Ep27 - Jobs and Disability

This week Insight looks at whether more people with disabilities should be working – and what’s standing in the way. So what are the hurdles? Prac..

  • Upload19 Aug 2014

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download199MB

Insight: S2014 Ep26 - Joining The Fight

Jenny Brockie asks why are Australians being drawn to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, either to do humanitarian work or join the fight? Where are the influences coming from and what should be done about it? #insightsbs

  • Uploaded12 Aug 2014

  • Duration54 Minutes

  • Download208MB

Insight S2014 Ep25 - Beauty Race

This week we revisit the phenomenon of people changing their physical ethnic traits – using everything from skin whitening creams to double eye-lid surgery. What are the pressures or influences spurring people to get cosmetic surgery and what is considered 'beautiful' today?

  • Uploaded05 Aug 2014

  • Duration50 Minutes

  • Download193MB

Insight S2014 Ep24 - Back From The Brink

Around 80 percent of all suicides are men, and experts say the statistics may well get worse. This week a room of men discuss why male suicide rates are so high – and how some of them made it back from the brink.

  • Uploaded29 Jul 2014

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download200MB

Insight S2014 Ep23 - Born Or Made

Where does talent come from – is it born or made? Hear from those who achieved greatness through hard work and child prodigies who were all but born swinging a tennis racket.

  • Uploaded22 Jul 2014

  • Duration50 Minutes

  • Download194MB

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