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  • SBS World News on SBS Radio is a news and current affairs program with a focus on multicultural and indigenous issues. Drawing on the unique talents of SBS’ multilingual and multicultural workforce, SBS World News Radio covers national and international events and issues through a diverse range of voices and perspectives.

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Latest Episodes

Intergenerational report depicts tough times in 40 years

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey is warning an older Australia 40 years from now, with fewer workers to support economic growth, will put deep pressure..

  • Upload05 Mar 2015

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Government making final appeals for Bali Nine pair's lives

The Australian government is making a final effort to keep Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran alive.

  • Uploaded05 Mar 2015

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Australia announces Sebastian as Eurovision competitor

Guy Sebastian has been named the first ever artist to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Uploaded05 Mar 2015

  • Duration02 Minutes

  • Download1MB

Blair's appointment in Serbia shrouded in secrecy

Mystery surrounds the appointment of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a special advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

  • Uploaded05 Mar 2015

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

An Aussie fan's view on the future of Afghan cricket

SBS Radio's Dari language program speaks to an Australian fan with a special interest in Afghan cricket.

  • Uploaded05 Mar 2015

  • Duration03 Minutes

  • Download2MB

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