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  • SBS World News on SBS Radio is a news and current affairs program with a focus on multicultural and indigenous issues. Drawing on the unique talents of SBS’ multilingual and multicultural workforce, SBS World News Radio covers national and international events and issues through a diverse range of voices and perspectives.

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Latest Episodes

Cairns reels over child killings

The city of Cairns is reeling after the discovery of the bodies of eight children in the suburb of Manoora.

  • Upload19 Dec 2014

  • Duration03 Minutes

  • Download1MB

World News Radio Dec 19

Proposed changes to data retention laws:

Climate changes in the Arctic;

New inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;

  • Uploaded19 Dec 2014

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download25MB

Art program encourages social cohesion

An exhibition by artists from different ethnic backgrounds and disabilities aims to highlight the healing abilities of creative work.


  • Uploaded18 Dec 2014

  • Duration02 Minutes

  • Download1MB

SBS World News Radio Dec 18

Cuba and US restore diplomatic relations;

Australia's Pakistani community in mourning;

Young Aussies more likely to take sickies;

  • Uploaded18 Dec 2014

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download25MB

SBS World News Radio, 17 December

A Taliban attack on a Pakistani school draws global revulsion; The Islamic community responds to the Martin Place hostage tragedy;

Secret recordings reveal horrific conditions inside Guatemala's psychiatric hospitals.


  • Uploaded17 Dec 2014

  • Duration51 Minutes

  • Download24MB

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