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Latest Episodes

Kids speak straight and unintentionaly

Children often see what adults can't.

  • Upload28 May 2015

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

Cannes Film Festival 2015

Czech film makes do not do the last step and stay in junior categories.

  • Uploaded28 May 2015

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Czech manufacturers at Austech

Austech exhibition in Melbourne includes also four Czech production equipment manufacturers.

  • Uploaded28 May 2015

  • Duration02 Minutes

  • Download1MB

Petr Nečas

Shocking court trial linked to a former PM of Czechia

A woman had unprecedentedly close connections with many politicians and businessmen.

  • Uploaded28 May 2015

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

  • Uploaded21 May 2015

  • Duration11 Minutes

  • Download6MB

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