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Aussies in Czechia - Lou: Everyone wanted to live in Prague, so did I

She took a 12 months unpaid leave for travelling to Europe. Despite the previous plans she ended up living in Prague already more than four years. ..

  • Upload20 Oct 2016

  • Duration06 Minutes

  • Download3MB

Australians in Perth love Czech films

Czech and Slovak film festival is starting today in Perth. Similar to the Sydney film festival, audience in Perth can expect contemporary Czech movies, student films as well as traditional Czech comedy.

Our reporter Sarka Pechova spoke to organizer of the festival in Perth, Jitka Smith to find out more.


  • Uploaded20 Oct 2016

  • Duration04 Minutes

  • Download2MB

Settlement guide: how to change your name

There are many reasons why a person may wish to change their name.

It could be because they got married, divorced, they prefer another name or because they need to formalise certain documents.

While the process to change is relatively simple, there are concerns some migrants change their name to avoid discrimination.


  • Uploaded20 Oct 2016

  • Duration07 Minutes

  • Download4MB

SBS Czech Cross Examination: Zbynek Nyderle, a marathoner

SBS Czech Cross Examination means 10 questions, same for everyone. Now, a marathoner after his 100th run in Sydney.

  • Uploaded20 Oct 2016

  • Duration01 Minute

  • Download1KB

Czech Senate Election Results; Dalai Lama in Prague

Almost no one in the Czech Republic gave a try to Czech Senate election. Only 15% voted in the second round. Ivan Hoffman comments on that as well as on Dalai Lama's visit to Prague.

  • Uploaded20 Oct 2016

  • Duration09 Minutes

  • Download4MB

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