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Amanda Gordon Clinical Psychologist Answering your questions

We are hosting today clinical psychologist Amanda Gordon.We have been covering many topics, anxiety, stress, loneliness, loss, illness, immigration..

  • Upload11 Dec 2016

  • Duration59 Minutes

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Peta Jones Pellach and Nitza

Peta Jones Pellach reports on fears of violent protests over the evacuation of Amona 11.12.16

Don't miss our weekly Jerusalem report with Peta Jones Pellach who reports on the controversial Regulation Bill, fears of violent protests over the evacuation of Amona and more...


  • Uploaded11 Dec 2016

  • Duration07 Minutes

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doron sheffer

Doron Sheffer: "Fight for Amona heats up, as evacuation scheduled" 11.12.2016

With the evacuation of Amona coming at any moment, activists are calling for as many people as possible to come to Amona to protest against the evacuation; hundreds of police officers preparing for confrontations during evacuation.

Dr. Omri Nir dies while holding his son Ilai, who slipped while descending a ladder in a group hike in the Negev; Ilai's condition worsens in second day in hospital; he suffers from serious head trauma.

  • Uploaded11 Dec 2016

  • Duration08 Minutes

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Alex Dafner: Exhibition “Witnesses and Survivors”, opened at the Australian War Memorial Yiddish report 11.4.2016

Some 100 racist and anti-Semitic posters were plastered across Melbourne University last week, signed with a Neo-Nazi Antipodean website address and a swastika. The posters were quickly torn down or painted over and the incident was reported to the police. The university also reiterated their policies of respect, tolerance, inclusion and opposition to acts of hate and discrimination.

Australian descendants of six persons who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, were introduced to descendants and members of Australian Jewish families of those they rescued, in a moving opening to a special exhibition at the Sydney Jewish Museum, prepared by the museum and the Yad Vashem Shoah Museum in Jerusalem, called I Am My Brothers Keeper, last week.

An exhibition called Witnesses and Survivors, was opened at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, curated by the memorial and the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre and features the stories of Holocaust survivors, who settled in Australia after the war, as well as the sketches by Australias official WWII artist Allan Moore, who accompanied British troops during their liberation of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

The highly decorated and experienced Australian Major-General Simon Stuart will take over the command of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai Desert, which has kept the peace between Israel and Egypt since the signing of the Camp David Peace Accords in 1978 and which now faces increasing challenges from the insurgents acting on behalf of the Islamic State and other extremist organizations in the region.


  • Uploaded10 Dec 2016

  • Duration08 Minutes

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Magali Kaplan: "First time ever, Holocaust survivors can claim properties in Warsaw"

Polish government passed legislation to enable people to file claims for property in Warsaw

A recently passed Polish law gives claimants six months to file claims for more than 2,600 properties in Warsaw which changed ownership as a result of World War 2.

Many of the properties are believed to have been Jewish-owned before the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Magali Kaplan, manager of Jewish Care Victoria, Holocaust support program, broke the news to SBS:

My understanding that there is a new law about Warsaw property, that has been developed by the Polish government and with the assistance of the World Jewish Restitution Organization…

They have been able to identify over 2,000 claimants whose property may be available for submitting the claim against , through the Polish government.


If a claimant fails to file a claim before the short six months deadline he or she will have permanently relinquished ownership over the property under the new law. The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) has created a database to help Holocaust survivors or their heirs reclaim property in Warsaw, before the deadline

Ms Magali explains: Warsaw data base only had the address list…the World Jewish Restitution Organization matched the street addresses with property owners…They were able to match address with names, with the help of old phone directory for Warsaw…

There is now a very limited opportunity for some kind of justice for people who suffered so much Ms Magali told SBS and she urges survivors to check the website with the data:

Holocaust survivors have faced difficulties reclaiming lost property since World War II. Reclaiming property was impossible for decades while Poland was under Communist rule, and successful cases of restitution of property have only come after long and complicated legal proceedings. The process of restitution is further complicated for survivors or their heirs who no longer live in Poland.

Poland was home to 3.3 million Jews before the Holocaust, about 90 precent of whom were murdered by the Nazi regime



  • Uploaded07 Dec 2016

  • Duration07 Minutes

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