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Azadi Mela in Sydney

Pakistan Association of Australia was founded over 40 years ago, with the aim of representing the Pakistani Australians. Being the flag bearer of m..

  • Upload21 Aug 2014

  • Duration08 Minutes

  • Download4MB

Protestors in Pakistan's city of Islamabad

Explaining civil disobedience and its impact

Pakistan is facing a political crisis yet again. This time, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek have called on thousands of their supporters to the federal capital demanding resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The PTI Chief Imran Khan has called for a civil disobedience movement. SBS Urdu talks with Moeen Cheema of Australian National University to understand what such movements really are and how they affect political landscape of any country…

  • Uploaded20 Aug 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

PM Tony Abbott speaks with members of Australia's multicultural media during a question and answer session at Strathfield Town Hall, Sydney

ICV President Nadeem Hussain on talks with PM Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is campaigning to sell the proposed changes in the counter-terrorism laws. For this purpose, he has started meeting different ethnic groups. However, his recent comments sparked outrage in these communities, particularly the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) that boycotted a meeting with the prime minister. SBS Urdu talks with President ICV Nadeem Hussain to know more...

  • Uploaded20 Aug 2014

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download5MB

Pakistan cricket great Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad reviews Pakistan's performance against Sri Lanka

After a promising start, Pakistan cricket team faced a humiliating defeat in a test match series against Sri Lanka. We spoke to cricket legend Javed Miandad, who expressed disappointment over the team's performance and cited the cricket infrastructure of Australia as an example for Pakistan...

  • Uploaded20 Aug 2014

  • Duration13 Minutes

  • Download6MB

Pakistan day

Independence Day celebration in Western Sydney Urdu School

Pakistans Independence Day is celebrated in Western Sydney suburb of Preston. Western Sydney Urdu Language school is trying hard to spread the message of advantages of learning the language those are demonstrable. The stronger the first language, the easier you will learn English and kids can stay close to their family and cultural heritage. Listen highlights of Urdu student talent show at the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day besides vision of parents, management and volunteers.


  • Uploaded17 Aug 2014

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download6MB

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