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Hi PopAsians! Welcome to non-stop Asian Pop music, news & cool competitions. Stream PopAsia radio & VOTE LIVE for your fave Asian Pop track as we...

JYJ's "Back Seat" press conference & live performance

The JYJ boys are back & they're pretty proud of their latest release and "fancy hair". See what they have to say...
Awww there's more k-pop love in the air...
In distressing news, both Jaycee and Kai Ko have been detained by Beijing police.

21 fun facts you didn’t know about G-Dragon

So you probably know some of these... but if you haven't seen GD rapping as a 7 year-old you're missing out!

BIGBANG's sexiest moments... in gifs

This post might make you a little bit dizzy... with VIP love.

PopAsia radio shows

Catch up on ALL of the latest shows on PopAsia radio...

Find out when & how to listen to Simon & Martina AND what crazy outfit to wear while doing so!
C-Clown's Rome is hosting his own all-kpop radio show all the way from the his South Korean studios...
Catch up on the latest in J-pop music and news with Kitty Em.

#HASHTAG HITS: PopAsia's live chart show

Welcome to a new era of live, real-time voting PopAsians...
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