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Baby Kara member Sojin passes away from alleged suicide

In tragic news, DSP media trainee Sojin has passed away
Minzy can dance, sing, act and write her own songs too. have a listen to her compositions...

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Amber opens up about overcoming weight issues

f(x)'s Amber shows proves how comfortable she is with herself now she has overcome weight and language issues.

SBS PopAsia Sydney live show featuring Dami Im

We're bringing you guys another live show & the one & only Dami Im will be performing for you.
SBS celebrates the Year of the Sheep
Thursday 19 February

Explore the traditions and excitement of one of the world’s largest cultural celebrations with SBS.


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Eat Your Kimchi radio

Find out when & how to listen to Simon & Martina AND what crazy outfit to wear while doing so!
C-Clown's Rome is hosting his own all-kpop radio show all the way from the his South Korean studios...

J-pop Nation radio

Catch up on the latest in J-pop music and news with Kitty Em.

#HASHTAG HITS: SBS PopAsia's live chart show

Welcome to a new era of live, real-time voting PopAsians...

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