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Welcome to SBS PopAsia - Australia's #1 Asian pop network on TV, Radio & here online. Stream PopAsia radio & VOTE LIVE for your fave Asian Pop...

Do you think you have the stuff to be a PopAsia presenter? YES? Read on friend...

Super Junior's message of love UNLOCKED!

When we talked to Super Junior they had a special message for YOU!

Asian Pop Dressups for Halloween!

Still stuck for Halloween costume ideas? Or already planning for next year? Why not go as your favourite Asian Pop stars?!

Top 7 anime cats! Celebrating National Cat Day!

It's National Cat Day! Here's to all the anime cats who've made our lives even better!

New male solo artist for SM Entertainment revealed....

SM Entertainment have revealed their new male solo artist and it's......

PopAsia radio shows

Catch up on ALL of the latest shows on PopAsia radio...

Eat Your Kimchi radio

Find out when & how to listen to Simon & Martina AND what crazy outfit to wear while doing so!
C-Clown's Rome is hosting his own all-kpop radio show all the way from the his South Korean studios...

J-pop Nation radio

Catch up on the latest in J-pop music and news with Kitty Em.

#HASHTAG HITS: SBS PopAsia's live chart show

Welcome to a new era of live, real-time voting PopAsians...
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