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SBS Music stations: PopAsia, PopDesi, PopAraby, Chill and new shows: J-pop & C-pop will now be on QANTAS!

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Starting in 1975 to promote Australia's new health care system Medi-Bank, SBS Radio has grown up with multicultural Australia and is now the world’s most...

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SBS broadcasts in 74 languages for local Australian & International news.

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40 years of SBS Radio

SBS Radio is celebrating 40 years of broadcasting to Australia.  Take a look back at some of the biggest events from the past 4 decades.

Happy 40th, SBS Radio!

Politicians, dignitaries, community leaders and media figures congratulate to SBS Radio on their 40th anniversary.
We asked the question "Where will Australia be in 40 years’ time?" You answered all across Australia.
Former broadcasters and special guests, including PM Malcolm Turnbull, joined SBS Radio's 40th anniversary events in Sydney and Melbourne.
Did you know 2015 was the year Marty McFly almost caused a catastrophe that threatened to destroy the entire universe? To commemorate the momentous occasion why...

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Every week you can play SBS PopAsia's pop bingo and win prizes!
SBS Music stations: PopAsia, PopDesi, PopAraby, Chill and new shows: J-pop & C-pop will now be on QANTAS!
Find out which BTS (Bangtan Boys) member is your soul mate. You might need to change your bias after you do this quiz!

Welcome to SBS PopDesi

Get you dance on to the upbeat sounds of SBS PopDesi.

Welcome to SBS PopAraby

SBS PopAraby brings you the biggest hits in Arabic pop, from artists like: Amr Diab, Myriam Fares, Haifa and more.
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