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UPDATED 1:36 PM - 15 Apr 2014

Your Language app

Download the new SBS Your Language mobile app to listen to your favourite SBS Radio programs anytime or anywhere, on an iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and now available for Android™.

Now packed with 74 radio language programs and 4 music stations, the SBS Your Language app gives you an SBS Radio in your pocket, car, or wherever you are, and you’ll never have to miss a program again!

Features of the SBS Your Language app include:

  • Live Friday night A-league match coverage
  • Live 24/7 radio program streaming of SBS Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3
  • Live 24/7 streaming of SBS music stations SBS PopAsia SBS PopDesi, SBSPopAraby and SBS Chill
  • Live streaming of special events such as The World Cup and Eurovision on SBS Radio 4
  • Program catch-up: every program is available for 7-days on-demand
  • Podcasts featuring interviews and features
  • Schedule information
  • On screen Program reminder notifications
  • Never miss a program again! Set alerts for when your broadcast is about to start
  • One click button to email, text message or call the program that's live on-air!

Already have the Your Language app but want to update it to reflect the new 2013 radio Schedule (as of April 29) and new language services?

    iPhone users (IOS app): simply close down your existing app fully and restart it to see the new languages.
    Android users: a new updated version of the android app can be downloaded here

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 Music Apps

Listen to our popular SBS PopAsia and SBS Chill music stations direct from your mobile, 24/7, by downloading the apps.


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