Letters and Numbers

Based on a hugely successful global quiz phenomenon, Letters and Numbers is a smart and entertaining new SBS quiz show hosted by television veteran Richard Morecroft.
Letters and Numbers is a daily quiz show, airing Monday to Friday at 6pm, whereby two contestants pit their word ingenuity and numerical ability against each other for the chance to return the next day as champion.

Richard Morecroft returns to television as the host of Letters and Numbers, with newcomer  Lily Serna as the maths guru and writer David Astle as the resident word expert.

There are two games - the letters game and the numbers game. In the former, each contestant takes it in turn to select nine letters, including at least three vowels and four consonants. Both contestants then try to make the longest word they can using the selected letters in 30 seconds. The player who uses the most letters gains a point for each letter used.
In the numbers game, one contestant chooses a mix of six numbers and they both try to get as close to the randomly generated target number as they can in 30 seconds using basic principles of maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each number can only be used once.
In the final round, the contestants are presented with the Conundrum, a jumble of nine letters from which they must create a word. The first contestant to do this wins 10 points. 
The winner returns the following day to face a new challenger.

David Astle uses a Macquarie Fifth Edition dictionary.



There are 85 letter tiles stacked for each episode including 35 vowels and 50 consonants.

Prior to each episode, the letter tiles are sorted into vowel and consonant piles, shuffled and then placed face down into the game board ready for the contestant selections.  Contestants must choose a minimum of 3 vowels and 4 consonants.

There are 24 tiles in total, including four large numbers - one each of 25, 50, 75, 100 and twenty tiles of small numbers - two each of the numbers 1-10.
Prior to each episode, the number tiles are sorted into large and small piles, shuffled and then placed face down into the game board.  The large numbers are placed on the row closest to Lily and the small numbers on the remaining rows.  Lily randomly draws the tiles based on the combination selected by the contestant.  There are no restrictions placed on combinations, contestants are allowed to select 6 smalls if they choose to.


Studio Facilities & Crew provided by
ABC Melbourne

Hosted by
Richard Morecroft

Lily Serna
David Astle

Richard Morecroft Dressed By
Ted Baker

Amy McCaffery

Production Co-Ordinator
Rochelle Nolan

SBS Production Co-Ordinator
Amelia Chin

Contestant Co-Ordinator
Gillian Bartlett

Audience Co-Odinator
Amanda Norbury

Computer Graphics Operator
Bianca Hitt

Audience Warm Up
Brose Avard

Floor Managers
Emma Penry-Williams
Voula Varsamakis

Director's Assistant
Debbie O'Hara

Carla Tucci

Sandi Cichello
Nee Petrovic

Monica Panozzo
Sue Hollins
Maureen Moriarty

Computer Graphics
Kellie Marr

Opening Titles & Graphics
Visual Playground

Post Production Facilities

Music Composer
Yuri Worontschak

Set Designer
Chris Batson

Production Manager
Jo Casanelia

Richard Franc
John Smith

Series Producer
Ged Wood

SBS Production Supervisor
Gabrielle Jones

Executive Producer
Karen Palmer

SBS Executive Producer
Vincent Beasley

Based on Des Chiffres et Des Lettres an original format devised by A Jammot.

© 2011 Special Broadcasting Service Corporation

Audience Announcement

SBS has made a decision to rest Letters and Numbers and develop other programs so we can continue to offer new, great content to our audiences. The last episode will be transmitted on June 27.

Following Tour de France, Countdown - the UK version of Letters and Numbers - will air at 5:45pm weekdays.

Lily Serna, one of the shows stars is working on a new show with SBS, Destination Flavour. SBS hopes the appetite for Letters and Numbers will be satisfied with the very popular UK series Countdown.


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