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Inside ISIS territory, throughout Iraq and Syria, there's a non-profit that’s rescuing women and children from capture. The organisation is Heraion Foundation....

I quit alcohol

When does a social drink with dinner turn into a health concern? According to Jo Hartley, when one glass merges into two and television is always watched with a...
The summer holidays have been known to increase childhood obesity levels, but parents can turn this around by taking a few simple measures.
It’s the alternative education method often hotly debated, but could home-schooling work for your family?
If you've ever been told you have a sick sense of humour, take heart.
As well as coming together to eat and share stories, thousands of Vietnamese families will be clearing their debts and putting the broom away come January 28, in...
How did getting it on come to seem like a chore, asks middle-aged dad, Ian Rose. Is testosterone to blame, or is it all in the mind?

Stairway to Spirituality

We celebrate and explore a multiplicity of spiritual beliefs from around the world. Don't miss Shaun Micallef's  #StairwayToHeaven, airs from 18 Jan, 8.30pm.

“I don’t believe that God or humanity would be created in the way that we were if we couldn’t honour and sanctify sacred partnerships of same-sex couples in the same way as we do with heterosexu...
Shared stories of our creation, of 'Our Dreaming', are handed down by Indigenous Elders to teach generations lessons about the past. As proud Walbunja Yuin woman - Jodi Edwards - writes, these stories...
"I couldn’t even take up the offering. I was simply looking to be actively involved and become a member of the church… Because I was gay, that was sufficient for [them] to turn around and say no. ...
Shaun Micallef's Stairway To Heaven
Extreme faith? Try extreme food. Comedian Shaun Micallef was in America to discover what life's like as a Mormon, but his digestive system got as much of a challenge as his thoughts on spirituality.
Shaun Micallef's Stairway To Heaven
As a Hindu, fasting is part of my religious practice. But there's so much more than that to the links between food and faith.


Optimism and eats to nourish the mind, body and soul. No empty calories here.

A proposed linguistic change could temper a cultural obsession with body weight.
If you've made a resolution to slim down, arm yourself with the knowledge that it's not hot yoga or endless bowls of kale that will get you there – it’s the...
French companies are now legally required to provide their employees with a “right to disconnect” - should we be following suit?
His colleagues once laughed at him for napping under his desk. But Dom Knight reckons we should all do it – and that it would improve our work, nationwide, as...
We've banished sugar, dined like cavemen and demonised gluten. Is 2017 the year of the Mediterranean Diet - again?


Meet our columnists. They've got strong views on all things. Their words may (or may not) change the world.

It's a useful psychological crutch to say “good riddance” to an awful year, but are we setting ourselves up for disapointment when January fails to deliver? Helen...

A defence of summer boredom

By equating nonstop productivity with self-worth, our fear of boredom overlooks the creative and emotional value of doing nothing at all, writes Neha Kale.
The statues and landmarks that dot our cities symbolise a culture that denies women the right to public spaces, writes Neha Kale.
Comment: Activists from the Lebanese NGO Abaad group took a stand against Article 522: a law enabling rapists to avoid prosecution if they marry the victim. Now...
Comment: Selfie drones are creepy intrusive gadgets that may soon destroy our peace and privacy. Jill Stark explains why.

January 26

What it means to be Australian in the 21st century.

Australians hold many different views on what January 26 represents - and this is particularly the case among Indigenous communities.
Survival Day? Australia Day? Invasion Day? Feeling confused yet? We explain the history and meaning behind these different nomenclatures for January 26.

Indigenous conversations

Stories bringing Indigenous into Australia’s identity. Celebrating inspiring groups and individuals. #WalkWithUs

Indigenous Languages at Risk

Australia's Indigenous languages could be completely wiped out by 2050 according to experts.

How to make a healing garden

Your garden can deliver a lot more than just outdoor decoration. SBS Life spoke to Charles Solomon, Indigenous plant consultant and founder of Garawana Creative, to find out how we can bring some Abor...
The shocking truth about non-Indigenous Australia is that many people mistakenly assume that Indigenous Australians coast through life, receiving privileges and benefits. Bronwyn Carlson busts this my...
With more and more people relishing in the flora that has nourished Indigenous Australians for more than 50,000 years, John Newtown asks who "owns" our native plants.
A Sydney-based yoga organisation is fusing Indian and Indigenous yoga traditions, incorporating the spirit of Aboriginal Australia into the ancient practice.
A shared Australian identity
Join SBS and NITV as we explore Australia's rich Indigenous history, cultures and achievement together. 


Let's talk about sex, love, dating, marriage, coupledom.

How to ask someone out #IRL

The art of asking someone out in real life may be a dying practice, thanks to the popularity of dating apps. But why not be brave and give it a go?
Power couples are a rarity. Instead, many high-achieving women have husbands who do their own opting out.
Empathic accuracy - where you can read your partner's unsaid thoughts or feelings - is not only is it real, it has important implications for our relationships.
Convenience dating via swipe apps like Tinder has singles no closer to finding 'the one’.
International research shows that when manhood is threatened, men in some countries react by doing less housework. The only exception? Meal preparation.

Health check

Breaking down the latest medical news, global health issues, research and analyses.

Up to 30 percent of people living with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis, an inflammatory strand of arthritis. Jessica Orford-Garde was 24 when a traffic accident...
People with cancer are exposed to many, often misrepresented, ideas about cancer. These can induce stress and even shame for the sufferer who might feel they've...
Johanna Watkins' allergies are so extreme that she's been confined to a sealed room, shielded from natural light, and her husband.

The big meditation myth

We have 70,000 thoughts every day – are we really expected to clear them in meditation?

Is grief a disease?

A new theory is challenging the way psychologists understand mourning.
Women who have raised a child with autism may have the ability to spot subtle signs of the condition in their grandchildren.
Trying for a baby? When it comes to fertility, it's not just a woman's age that matters.


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

More dads are open to trading hours at work for time at home with their kids - so why aren't more workplaces supporting them?
Two new children's books are helping kids understand modern alternatives to the birds and the bees story.
A judge has ruled that mothers and fathers can try to recover wages they lost from staying home to take care of their kids.
After being diagnosed with crippling postnatal depression, 33-year-old Barkindji woman Shantelle Thompson took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help her heal. Little did...
"My lady pals know to keep their miracle news away from me for fear I will lose my mind."


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Because of the alleged actions of 22 Lebanese-Australian youths, the Minister of Immigration has said it was "a mistake" to have allowed Lebanese refugees into the...
Should we always say what we think and just deal with the consequences? Writer and performer Koraly Dimitriadis shares how learning to speak her mind was the best...
Comment: Islamic terrorism and diplomatic relations with Russia have become divisive points in all three US presidential debates. But is the racially and...
I am forever a tourist in my homeland and a foreigner in my birthplace.
Sunil Badami reveals how winning a popular game show helped him in the untrivial pursuit of leading a happy life.

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