Emisioni 'Insight': Punesimi dhe paaftesite

  • Uploaded28 Aug, 2014

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Sipas te dhenave, mbi 832 mije Australiane marrin pension paaftesie nga qeveria Australiane.   Qeveria Federale eshte ne procesin e rishikimit te te gjitha pagesave sociale dhe ka plane qe te kryeje shkurtime kunder nje sere pagesa...

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Audio / kryesoret

  • The crowd mingling at the Albanian festival

  • The Albanian Festival attracted a large crowd on a sunny Melbourne day.

  • Dancing at the festival

  • Dancing at the festival

  • The Melbourne suburb of Footscray turned on the sunshine for the Australian-Albanian Festival

  • Enjoying the festival

  • Chatting in the park at the festival

  • Kids blowing up balloons for other children at the festival

  • Kids at the festival

  • Young Australian Albanians

  • People of all ages enjoying the festival

  • Australian-Albanian youth at the festival

  • Young people dancing at the festival


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