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Latest in Amharic Radio

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Ramadan and the story behind it

Saturday night (May 27) marks the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.  It begins 30 days of prayer, fasting and spiritual rejuvenation, culminating in...
ቀሲስ ዶ/ር መብራቱ ኪሮስ፤ በቶሮንቶ - ካናዳ መንበረ ብርሃን ቅድስት ማርያም ካቴድራል አገልጋይ፤ ስለ ግለ-ሕይወት ታሪካቸውና ሥነ-መለኮትይናገራሉ።

Interview with Dr Dawit Woldu

ዶ/ር ዳዊት ወልዱ፤ በቅርቡ ለአንባቢያን ስላቀረቡት አዲሱ መጽሐፋቸው “Faces of Oppression, and the Price of Justice” ይናገራሉ።
ቤትን በአቅም በተመጠነ ዋጋ የማግኙቱ ጉዳይ  ከመቼም ጊዜ በበለጠ ለሕዝብ አሳሳቢ ሆኗል።የፌዴራል በጀቱ ዝቅተኛ ገቢ ያላቸውን፣ ስደተኞችንና በሕዝብ ቤቶች ውስጥ ተጠልለው ያሉ የቅርብ ጊዜ መጤዎችን ሊታደግ ይችላልን?  Feature...

Interview with Singer Afandi Siyo

ድምፃዊ አፈንዲ ሲዮ፤ ስለ የሙዚቃ ሕይወቱና አዳዲስ የሙዚቃ ሥራዎቹ ያወጋል።
A Brutal History : The killing of Wubanchi Asfaw

“The domestic violence begins the moment they are given to their husband, and it never stops.”

Leaders say traditional cultural practices led to woman's death in Australia