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Latest in Burmese radio

Latest in Burmese Radio

Dr. Myint Zan talks about his opinion on President elect Donald Trump, Secretary of State nominee view on China regarding the South China Sea issue. 
Dr. Myint Tun explained how this wonder drug, melts away cancer cells

Tablet that melts cancer away

A new cancer drug Venetoclax touted as wonder drug as it melts away cancer cells, discovered by Melbourne scientist.  

U Gum Sha Awng interview

Regional base combine nine Humanitarians groups, Joint Working Group Secretary U Gum Sha Awng atlks about the situation in the region. 
Earthquakes lingered in the headlines throughout the year this time and deadlier when it comes to the toll. 
My Grandmother's Lingo

A unique voice-activated interactive tells the story of one woman’s fight to save her endangered Indigenous language.