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Latest in Burmese radio

Latest in Burmese Radio

The Burmese community in Melbourne held a meeting to discuss ways to advise how to negotiate and solve the tension in the current armed conflict in Burma. 

Recognising Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is recognised as a damaging element of family violence. 

SBS boss opposes merger with ABC

Appearing before a Senate committee, SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid says a merger with the ABC is a bad idea 

Interview with PNLO Col Khun Okkar

To review the frame work for political discussion meeting was held in Yangon for four days and U Khun Okkar explained about the discussion. 
When you whack your thumb with a hammer, it feels like the pain is in your thumb but really it's in your brain. 
SBS celebrates Diwali

Win flights to India with SBS Radio


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