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Latest in Croatian radio

Latest in Croatian Radio

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Week review by Klara Kovačić

Weekly review of news and current affairs from Croatia.
A leading advocacy organisation in the fight against Alzheimer's says one in five people being diagnosed with the disease in Australia comes from a multicultural...

Croatian news with Enis Zebić

Round-up of daily news and current affairs from Croatia.
United States president Donald Trump has pledged to deliver what he calls a "great peace deal" between Israel and the Palestinians. His comments come as he hosted...

Share a photo of your bare feet on land and let’s explore our First Australians stories together. @SBS @NITV 

Settlement Guide

Facts and news about life in Australia for migrants.

In Australia consumers have rights under the law called consumer guarantees - and they could save you money. However, people who've recently settled in Australia can...
Being able to drive in a car is a necessity for many new arrivals to Australia. Yet, knowing if you need an Australian drivers licence and how to get one can...
The National Disability Insurance Scheme gives people with disability choice and control over the support they need for a fulfilling life.
Every hour four people go missing in Australia.While most are found, the disappearance of one person can affect the lives of 12 others - according to the National...