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Latest in Croatian radio

Latest in Croatian Radio

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The Festival is a celebration of Croatian culture - through food, wine, music, song and dance. This is it's 12th year.
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 In the wake of the Paris attacks, Francois Hollande is now on a mission to build a more coordinated international campaign against the self-proclaimed Islamic...
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 Australian children are increasingly concerned about the country's drinking culture, and many believe alcohol and drugs are a leading cause of child abuse by...
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Interview with Gorana Grgić, Lecturer in US Politics & Foreign Policy at the University of Sidney.
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SBS News Bulletin, 26.11.

National and international news, currency exchange rate and weather forecast for Australian capital cities for Thursday, November 26

40 years of SBS Radio

SBS Radio celebrates 40 years of broadcasting to all Australians. Listen to our special features here

Future Hopes: Energy

Australia is still mostly powered by coal. The Australian Energy Regulator says 73 per cent of Australia's electricity is produced from coal-fired power stations,...

Future Hopes: Employment

Australia's jobs are undergoing major changes. The recent slowdown of the mining boom, demographic shift towards aging population and construction boom are key...
From bartering to coins, cheques, PIN cards and online payments - the world has constantly evolved the way we buy and sell commodities. With money, transactions,...

Future Fears: OBESITY

Obesity is one of the greatest health problems spreading across the globe, despite many research studies into its causes and treatment.The Australian Institute of...

Future Hopes: Global Security

40 years ago, when SBS' first ethnic radio stations began broadcasting, the world was in the grip of the Cold War. The U.S. and the former Soviet Union were...
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