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Grim news from Colombia: it seems the two Dutch journalists from the Dutch TV program "Spoorloos" are still held captive by the ELN fighters. Marten de Jongh reports....
North Korea says President Obama didn't request the release of US university student Otto Warmbier who died soon after returning home in a coma. Associate...

Where to British government?

A seriously weakened Theresa May presented  five proposals for the Brexit negotiations but her timing left a lot to be desired says Dr Otto Holman from...

Porkbelly with Dutch Jenever

For the second in our Dutch winter meals series Chef Geert Elzinga suggests Porkbelly with Dutch Jenever. Enjoy!Method below  
For 20 long days in 1977, this infamous hijacking brought the otherwise-peaceful Netherlands to a standstill - and 40 years on, the ethnic minorities involved are...
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