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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will process all applications received before 1 July 2018 under the current rules. After a freeze on processing...
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SBS reporter Barbara Barkhausen met German teachers on the occasion of the Goethe Instiute´s annual German School Film Festival in Sydney.

What rights do you have at work?

It's important for migrants, just like any other Australian, to learn what rights they have as a worker in Australia and how to report exploitation.
Indigenous Australian, Leah Umbagai, and German rock-art researcher in Western Australia, Martin Porr, recently traveled to Germany to help solve a Kimberley rock...
For 60 years, Karel Gott has been inspiring generations - with his music.
SBS announces changes to its radio services

SBS Radio today announced changes to its services to reflect Australia’s rapidly changing and increasingly diverse society.

Federal Elections 2017

61.5 million Germans are eligible to vote on September 24. What do Germans living abroad need to know? Follow SBS German´s special coverage to get all the latest.