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Learning a second language is like making yourself a warm blanket that keeps you warm and comfortable. The picture book "My two Blankets" by Irena Kobald is telling...
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Organised by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the forum brings together founders of a number of startups who will reflect on their...
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There are strict rules to follow in Australia in the case of a road accident, whether its a big car crash or just a small fender-bender.
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Know any 4 to 18 year olds in Australia who are learning a language other than English - in school or at home? They can enter SBS’ National Languages Competition...

Tough job, but in business

The competition in the art scene is enormous. Nevertheless the Australian Timothy James Webb has been able to claim success with his art. The 50 year old lives...
Federal Elections 2017

61.5 million Germans are eligible to vote on September 24. What do Germans living abroad need to know? Follow SBS German´s special coverage to get all the latest.