Anja Nissen war zuvor schon im Finale von Australia Got Talent.

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In der online Ausgabe von Swtich On fragen wir in dieser Woche, ob es besser ist downzuloaden oder doch eher auf streaming zu vertrauen. Ausserdem sprechen wir kurz mit der australischen The Voice Gewinnerin, die sehr stolz auf ihre dänischen Wur...

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  • A friendly Willkommen for all guests in Melbourne

  • A full house during the business conference in Melbourne

  • Delegates had the opportunity to go out in the field

  • Many questions were raised and answered during the excursion

  • Panels were made up of many different experts and business leaders

  • The key note speech by Prof. Hermann Simon was perhaps the highlight of the day

  • The new president of The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry


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