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FU2Racism: Is Australia Racist?

With a week of thought-provoking programs and discussion, SBS is asking Australians to Face Up to Racism to encourage greater understanding, inspire change and support...
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Appealing: From mid March 2017, migrants from Germany and all over the world will be able to find out online how far their visa applications have progressed in...
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The mining boom has brought economic prosperity over Western Australia. But since it´s over, the unemployment rate has reached 6.5 % (compared to 5.7 overall)....
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What do Germans miss most in Australia, when it comes to food? Quark? Maybe. German bread? Most likely. Bratwurst? Undeniably. SBS reporter Daniel Salg...
4 more or less German nominees are hoping for an Academy Award. The ceremony takes place Sunday night in Los Angeles.

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Bad weather and your mood

The sky is grey, it is wet and cold. Your head is about to explode or you feel pretty cranky. How far does the weather influence your health and mood?
Football and Contemporary Dance are fused in the performance Champions by the Form Dance Project. You have to be thoroughly fit for both forms of movement, but...
What makes six grown-up men to ride on a vintage one cylinder moped 700 kilometres from Zurich to Paris? Just fun or pure naivity?

Christmas in the German community

The Deutschstunde in Croydon, Sydney started the Christmas season with a flea market. Our colleague Trudi Latour visited the event and spoke to the organisers ,...
A scientist from Bremen is convinced to have a cure for the Great Barrier Reef. However is it really that sick or even dead as many say? Some even believe it is...