Schwärmt von der australischen Küche: Der 29-jährige deutsche Spitzenkoch Benedikt Klein in Melbourne

Steile Karriere: Vom Backpacker zum Spitzenkoch

  • Uploaded16 Apr, 2014

  • Duration14 Mins 33 Secs

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Der junge deutsche Koch Benedikt Klein kam vor 16 Monaten nach Australien, wollte ein halbes Jahr arbeiten und dann reisen. Der Rest ist Geschichte. Eine kulinarische Begegnung in Melbourne.

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  • A friendly Willkommen for all guests in Melbourne

  • A full house during the business conference in Melbourne

  • Delegates had the opportunity to go out in the field

  • Many questions were raised and answered during the excursion

  • Panels were made up of many different experts and business leaders

  • The key note speech by Prof. Hermann Simon was perhaps the highlight of the day

  • The new president of The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry


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