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The latest news in the community and abroad.

Memory Events in Sydney for 42nd black anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.By Dimitrios Kametopoulos.

BEST OF THE WEEK 24.7.2016

The exclusive commitment of the Greek Interior Minister about the vote of expatriates at the Greek program of SBS radio, the testimonies about the Coup in Turkey...

One Greek among Munich victims

The attack in Munich, Germany, took the lives of nine young people. Among them, a 19 year old Greek. International media are describing him as hero, as there is...
Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov landed in WA in his hot air balloon early, breaking Steve Fossett's round the world record. More from correspondent in WA...

'Lone' shooter kills 9 in Germany

A teenage German-Iranian gunman who killed nine people in a shooting spree at a busy Munich shopping centre and then committed suicide had likely acted alone,...
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20 June - 29 July 2016

Federal Election 2016

All the news, views and analysis from the 2016 federal election campaign trail.

Malcolm Turnbull has begun reaching out to crossbench MPs ahead of what could be a hung parliament.

Vote 2016: So what happens now?

Australians will have to wait another day before getting a clearer picture about the outcome of the federal election. Electoral commission officials won't resume...
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is hoping to be elected in his own right as the nation's leader on July the 2nd.  There have been four prime ministers in the...
Another Australian of Greek descent is running in the upcoming federal election as a candidate with the newly founded political party, Online Direct Democracy....

Ballots open for early votes

Australians are beginning to cast their ballots for the July 2 federal election, with early voting underway.The Australian Electoral Commission is expecting a...
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