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Per poter lavorare in Australia non è obbligatorio avere un Tax File Number, ma senza un TFN si pagano più tasse, non si ha diritto ai rimborsi governativi, non si può...
Cara Italia, Caro Iraq, Cara Somalia... Tre video, tre messaggi di immigrati in Australia alle loro patrie d'origine. Un progetto di Ada Francesca Rizzoli.

Keys & lyrics - Arriverà l'amore

In this week's segment Prof. Alfredo Luzi analyses "Arriverà l'amore" by Emma.     

Elixir of Bacchus

At the Carnevale, in Adelaide, Italian sommelier Alessandro Ragazzo conducts information sessions for wine aficionados.
"Canale Mussolini. Parte seconda" by Antonio Pennacchi. A review by Alessandra Bertini.

Celebrity Corner

Meet our most famous interviewees in 2015

Interview with Luca Zingaretti

Italian actor Luca Zingaretti is down under to present Perez, a neo-noir film set in Naples. Well-known in Australia for his role as Inspector Montalbano, Zingaretti...

Umberto Tozzi is Back Down Under

Are you ready for the return of Umberto Tozzi in Australia after 34 years?

Samantha's 200 Days in Space

Samantha Cristoforetti is the first Italian female astronaut and the record holder for the longest time spent in orbit by a woman. Three months after coming back...
Old age, the experience of migration and politics are among the topics of our interview with Italian writer Simonetta Agnello Hornby, who is down under to take...

Stefano Bollani Comes Back to Oz

One of the most famous Italian jazz players, pianist Stefano Bollani, comes back to Australia in June with three concerts, in which he will play with Brazilian...