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Latest in Japanese radio

Latest in Japanese Radio

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Future Fears: Global Security

Australia is facing challenges such as social division in the country and shift of power balance in the region. Broadcast on 8 Oct 2015

Noh mask maker Hideta Kitazawa

How did traditional woodcarver Hideta Kitazawa create the masks of Robert Oppenheimer and Elvis for Noh plays? Will a 3D printer replace a master craftsman like...

English Noh play

Oppenheimer is an English Noh play based on the story of the 'father of the atomic bomb', created by Professor Allan Marett of Sydney University and music by...

Young speakers of Japanese

Nine Year 7-11 students delivered speeches in the newly-introduced "Wakaba (Young Leaves)" division of the Japanese Speech Contest in NSW. Their topic? A Letter...

Musician: Natsuko Minegishi

A singer, Natsuko Minegishi talks about the trajectory of her music career.
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