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Latest in Kurdish radio

Latest in Kurdish Radio

There are many reasons why a person may wish to change their name. It could be because they got married, divorced, they prefer another name or because they need to...

Prostate cancer awareness

We spoke to Dr M Sorani about Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September) and asked him about some general information regarding prostate cancer.
We interviewed Hiwa Mahmoudi (Motifex) regarding the ongoing changes in the audio visual industry. We also spoke to Mr Mahmoudi about the role of technology,...
Our stringer Hatice Kamer in Diyarbekir covers various issues in Turkey and the Kurdish regions. Erdogan's speech in the UN and HDP representatives visit...
Now, 10 years on, the regional city in the state's north-east has not only welcomed a group of refugees, it is trying to turn around its reputation. Tamworth is...
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A weekly discussion with analyst, writer and intellectual Chahin Baker.

Last week the American and the Russian governments agreed on a one week truce in Syria. It seems like the role of the Syrian people in the decision making process is...

Democracy in Crisis

Analyst and writer Chahin Baker speaks about the challenges that democracy faces today. 
Nearly Five years ago the "Arab Spring" was mentioned daily. International media, politicians and people who were interested in politics were engaged in the "Arab...
In this week's SBS Kurdish segment With Chahin Baker, we talk about Australia's states and territories, their population and the results of the last federal...
This week our analyst Chahin Baker givers general information about Census 2016.
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