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Latest in Kurdish radio

Latest in Kurdish Radio

We ask journalist Fazel Hawramy, who's based in the Kurdistan region, about the prospects of retaking the city of Mosul from IS, the role that the Kurdish forces might...
Berî Shalmashî was born in Paris, but spent a number of years of her childhood in the mountains of Kurdistan with her Peshmerga parent.A talented film-maker and...

Why is Nadia Murad in Australia?

We interviewed Yezidi Kurd Nadia Murad regarding her visit to Australia and the expectations she has from the Australian government.
Darsem Shaksi is a 24 year old who loves playing soccer. Hes been playing soccer/football since the age of five. He plays football for Modbury jets in the in the...
Jendo Ado is a newly arrived Syrian Kurdish refugees. We spoke to him about his settlement in Australia. Jendo Ado arrived with his family from the refugee camps...
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SBS National Languages Competition

30 August – 9 September 2016

Topic of the week

A weekly discussion with analyst, writer and intellectual Chahin Baker.

In this week's SBS Kurdish segment With Chahin Baker, we talk about Australia's states and territories, their population and the results of the last federal election.
This week our analyst Chahin Baker givers general information about Census 2016.
Chahin Baker reads excerpts from one of his works: A Letter to my Father for this week's topic. 
Duhinî, 2/07/2016 hilbijartinên gishtî yên federal li Australya cîh girtin. Rojeke dirêj û bi encamên balkêsh bû. Fermo em guh bidin Mamoste Shahîn Bekir Soeklî,...
Our SBS Kurdish analyst Chahin Baker, explains the Australian electroal system and gives us a background about the major political parties.
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