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Latest in Kurdish radio

Latest in Kurdish Radio

Melbourne to Mark Newroz 2717

We speak with Brwa Mohammad from Azadi Kurdish Youth in Melbourne, about the event that is planned to take place in Melbourne this weekend.
Interview with member of the Brisbane Newroz Committee Dilawer Mame Omer Halabjayi, about Newroz celebrations in Brisbane for this year, that will take place this...

Newroz Event by Nav-Dem in Sydney

Ismet Tashtan from Nav-Dem NSW tells us about their upcoming Newroz event in Sydney this Saturday 25th of March 2017
All Australians are equal before the law but not everybody can afford to pay for the legal services required to obtain justice.In order to close this gap, there...
SBS Radio Services Review

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Topic of the week

A weekly discussion with analyst, writer and intellectual Chahin Baker.

Society and Belief

This week's discussion with analyst, writer and intellectual Chahin Baker is about the impact of belief on society during the first 13 to 14 years in life.
How soon will immigration to another planet becomes a reality? Would this become necessary? Chahin Baker explains...

The Rapid advance of technology

Our SBS Kurdish analyst Chahin Baker, takes a look at the way in which technology has so rapidly advanced in the last century.

My child is at school

School has started after the summer holiday in Australia, we discuss the ways in which preparing for the new school year could be easier for parents as well as...

Russian-Turkish Cooperation

Our analyst Chahin Baker looks at the latest relationships between Russia and Turkey.