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Latest in Lao radio

Latest in Lao Radio

The Year of The Monkey 2016

What are the characters of people born in the Year of The Monkey?How compatible are such people to others?What will the Year of The Monkey be like? What will it bring?...

English Test To Enter Australia

English-language tests are necessary for most foreigners applying to study, work or migrate to Australia. There are some allegations that the test results can be...

Zika Virus Outbreak

Pregnant women are being urged to reconsider trips to countries affected by the mosquito-borne Zika virus.  The Department of Foreign Affairs has released an...
A world-first drug developed in Australia has seen patients with advanced leukemia enter remission within months of therapy. The results have surpassed the...
A huge amount of precious gems were discovered in an isolated of Attapeu province.Many Chinese and Vietnamese companies are interested in investing in mining them...
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Australia’s only free food channel serves up a 24/7 menu of everyday food inspiration on channel 33. Let the culinary adventures begin!

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