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Mastering Plasma Physics

From the first physics competition in primary school all the way to Masters in Plasma Physics in Moscow - Ivona Vasileska on her way to ITER and CERN. Not even the sky...
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Energy security in S.Australia

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says energy security must be a key priority for the nation after a fierce storm left the entire state of South Australia without...
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The session was interrupted once the special public prosecutor Katica Janeva departed, saying Members of Parliament had subjected her to a classic case of mobbing.
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Backpacker Tax

The federal government has settled on a compromise package for its backpacker tax, dropping the rate to 19 per cent from the first dollar they earn rather than...
UMD Director for Australia discusses some of the conference streams adding that this is just the start of a process that will hopefully lead toward creating joint...
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The art of the Macedonian Kilim

Multi-media designer Dijana Tomic Radevska taking steps to awaken interest in the art of traditional kilim-making in Macedonia, before the craft is extinguished...
"Македонија, земја на блескави езера, на високи планински врвови и од сонце осветлени висорамнини, земја на затскриени водопади, села во клисури, цркви и...

Congratulations Macedonia!

25 Years Independence of the Republic of Macedonia Speech given by the Consul General of the Republic of Macedonia at Federation Square Beti Korunovska... sad life story begins on the 4th of May, 1945, when аt just one month old, my father, who had just been promoted in the 4th Division of the 3rd...
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