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Abbot Gavril speaks of the meaning of Easter, and sends Easter wishes and messages.

Protest calming down for Easter

Macedonian public questions: Why did Krpach killed hims self or why was he killed? Georgi Barbarovski with current affairs from Macedonia.
Beti Stojanovska from Sydney, born in Tetovo,sais the Easter customs in her birth place are unique and like no other in Macedonia

Protesters painting Macedonia

For two weeks protesters paint Macedonia, while the voters list hasn`t been signed by the first man.
Gjorgji Dujakov of Petoraci, who witnessed injustice since early age, shares his life story.
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"Macedonian Pearls"performed at the first annual multicultural festival" Mountain2Sea" in Wollongong, showcasing the rich Macedonian folklore.
What's in a suitcase? A loss of trust, shattered innocence, a husbands death,….a child refugee or is it a babys cloth?....a stone. "The Suitcase" premiers at...
The Australian Macedonian Dance Ensemble TOŠE, a new generation of dancers offering a strong foundation in Macedonian folklore. Dance and culture to inspire...
 "We played amongst archeologists on digs and the things I saw stayed in my memory"            ...
Australian Macedonians reacted after Malcolm Turnbull's Orthodox Easter message mentioned only Greeks, referring to all other people who celebrate this day as ...
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