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Latest in Macedonian radio

Latest in Macedonian Radio

SBS News in Macedonian 6 Oct 15

SBS News in Macedonian with Violeta Jovanovska.

Police Shooting

Police are closely monitoring online hate speech, amid fears Friday's deadly shooting outside a police headquarters in Sydney could spark revenge attacks. Radical...
Brane Stefanovski's report from Macedonia.

Macedonia Report 6 Oct 15 6 Oct 15

Brane Stefanovski's report from Macedonia.

Mars Water

Scientists have found the first evidence of flowing water on Mars.  The United States space agency NASA says salty liquid water runs down canyons and crater...
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Our Special Projects

Special projects from the Macedonian program

Elizabeta Todorovska- Wills

Elizabeta Todorova Lawyer talks about the different types of Wills and compares them to the wills in Macedonia. She answers to listeners questions.
Maestro Milan Zavkov and Ilija Ampevski exclusive guests in the studio for SBS Macedonian.
Aleksandar Mojsovski, President of the Macedonian Community Council in Victoria, spoke of the importance of Macedonia Independance Day, 8 September.
Radica Bojkovska Dimitrovska discusses foreign influences in the Macedonian language with professor Emilija Zupanovska.  
Timothy Graham Watts MP voices his support for Australia's recognition of the Republic of Macedonia under her constitutional name, with commentary by Ordan...
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