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People with dementia are the loneliest people in Australia. This leads to calls for greater awareness and understanding of dementia, so people living with this...
Foreign lawyer Elizabeta Todorova answers these and other questions on property ownership for Macedonians with dual citizenship who own property in the republic.

Domestic Violence

Rural communities say they are struggling to support women fleeing domestic violence.  Crisis-accommodation providers in the regional New South Wales city of...

SM Business Startups

One of the fastest-growing areas of small business is the start-up sector - businesses in their first phase of operation. And start-up hubs, or shared office...
Lila Marusevska from MCWA: The community needs to understand Dementia in order to help those affected. MCWA offers a range of programs to help and support...
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The art of the Macedonian Kilim

Multi-media designer Dijana Tomic Radevska taking steps to awaken interest in the art of traditional kilim-making in Macedonia, before the craft is extinguished forever
"Македонија, земја на блескави езера, на високи планински врвови и од сонце осветлени висорамнини, земја на затскриени водопади, села во клисури, цркви и...

Congratulations Macedonia!

25 Years Independence of the Republic of Macedonia Speech given by the Consul General of the Republic of Macedonia at Federation Square Beti Korunovska... sad life story begins on the 4th of May, 1945, when аt just one month old, my father, who had just been promoted in the 4th Division of the 3rd...
Zan Dukovski, Macedonian, born in Denmark, returns to the country of his ancestors where, he says, he and his family have a better quality of life 
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