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Latest in Maltese radio

Latest in Maltese Radio

#Paris2015 Summit dwar il-Klima: Kun af il-pożizzjoni tal-Awstralja meta mqabbla mal-bqija tad-dinja

Multiculturalism and Refugees

In the second and last part of his interview, Professor Maurice Cauchi speaks about the Maltese sentiment about immigrants, especially in the light of the recent...

Multiculturalism and Refugees

Professor Maurice Cauchi speaks about the issues of multiculturalism, as refugees from the Middle East and African countries continue to arrive by their thousands...

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities in Victoria and NSW
The Maltese Sub-branch of the NSW RSL are having an unveiling ceremony of new plaque at the Maltese (Bi-Centennial) Monument at Civic Park, Civic Ave, Pendle Hill...
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Organic Food

With the prediction that Australia's population will hit nearly 40 million in 40 years, we will need to produce or import more food. But agricultural advances have...

Liveable Cities

Australian cities are undergoing rapid change and more of us are living in cities than ever before. Experts warn about the urgent necessity to make our cities...
Already robots are taking our jobs and computers may soon be smarter than humans in every possible way. Could it get worse from here or will robots make our lives...

Future Fears: Superbugs

With the advent of antibiotics 70 years ago, drugs revolutionized medicine and life-threatening infections could be prevented and treated within days. But now,...

Future Fears: Obesity

Obesity is one of the greatest health problems spreading across the globe, despite many research studies into its causes and treatment. The Australian Institute...
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