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Former Polish Defence Minister Janusz Onyszkiewicz on Terror in London

Ashfiled Polish Club's  director Robert Czernkowski on the result  of the vote at the AGM meeting.

Latest in Polish radio

Latest in Polish Radio

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Ashfield Polish Club's AGM

The results of the vote on the change to a 'non-core property' status of 75 Northon St. lot of the Ashfield Polish Club.
Opinion of former Minister of Defence of Poland Mr Janusz Onyszkiewicz.

Is Australia safe?

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to defeat and destroy terrorists in Australia. 
O filmach: Przestrogi dla Polski, „Z ziemi włoskiej do Polski ,Spacerkiem po Krakowie mówią Riho Okagami Siedlecka I Andrzej Siedlecki.
The year 2017, the 200th anniversary of Thaddeus Kosciuszkos passing, has been proclaimed as the Kosciuszko Year; the bicentennial is celebrated in association...