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Internationally renowned cinematographer Slawomir Idziak share his thoughts about the future of the film industry

Latest in Polish radio

Latest in Polish Radio

Almost 40 per cent of racial attacks occur in public spaces, yet almost half of us are too unsure – or unwilling – to intervene. Dilvin Yasa explains how to react and...

Workplace Penalties

The Fair Work Commission delivered a cut to Sunday penalty rates. Labor and the trade union movement are accusing the federal government of failing to stand up...
What impact has the polluted air on human health, says Dr. Kaja Lukaszewicz

Men's Shed in Poland

Mira Stanislawska - Meysztowicz, co- founder of Our Earth Foundation , talks about her new initiative: "Men's Shed" in Poland.

China likes Australian food

Rich Chinese prefer to buy imported food - especially fruit, vegetables and milk. That's a great opportunity for Australian agriculture says Dr. Robert...