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Something for the festive season: interview with hair and make-up artist Sylwia Łukosz.


Latest in Polish radio

Latest in Polish Radio

Week in Poland

Przemek Przybylski talks about the a the amendment to the Law on Assemblies in Poland, which gives priority to the government authorities .
SBS started public consultation on the criteria proposed for its Radio Services Review. During the consultation, which will finish on 11th of December, audiences,...

Film "Planet Single" in Australia

Joanna Todisco recorded a meeting with the creators of the movie "Planet Single" during the recent Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.About the film talks: co-writer...


Meet the artist Sylvia Lukasz...

Rate Cuts and Interest Rates

Why Australian banks do not pass the rate cuts onto the interest rates of mortgage loans, explains Dr Robert Czernkowski from University Technology, Sydney.