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Latest in Russian radio

Latest in Russian Radio

WW3 - bluff or reality?

Last week we heard the final debate between US Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Is Hillary as dangerous for the World's peace as painted by...

This week in Russia

Сегодня в выпуске: 1."Нобелю очень повезло".2."Исус Христос под запретом". 3. В Орле появился свой медный всадник".
The Australian Medical Association has renewed its calls for G-Ps to raise consultation fees to keep up with the rising costs of running a practice.The Federal...
Anna Neistat, a human rights activist, lawyer and journalist who worked at Human Rights Watch conducting research in more than 60 conflict areas around the world,...

He did what was humanly possible

The Jewish International Film Festival starts in Australia on 26 October. It will be playing across all capitals and also in New Zealand. The documentary of Emmy...
Russian Adventurer sets world record in balloon

Follow Fedor Konyukhov’s journey from Australia

SBS celebrates Diwali

Win flights to India with SBS Radio


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