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Latest in Russian radio

Latest in Russian Radio

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NRMA is calling for abolishing fines for minor speeding offences, replacing it with compulsory driving lessons. Those who are over 85 must sit for new driving...
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The Government is planning to test for drugs some welfare receipients. Those who are found to using drugs will have 80% of their welfare cheque quarantined. AMA...
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Ingenious population is growing faster than the rest of Australians. The rate of incanceration among the aborigines is 11 times higher comparing to the general...

Viva: When families break apart

What happens when differences within a family lead to a breakdown of relationships? While social researchers say that estrangement is common, few talk about it. 
We discussed the position of Russian Orthodox Church on the legalisation of same-sex marriages with Mitred Archpriest Nicholas Karipoff of Melbourne Holy Virgin...
Confederations Cup

News and views from the Confederations Cup in Russia