Съезд православной молодежи отмечает полувековой юбилей

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Настоятель Свято-Покровского храма в Кабрамате отец Борис Игнатьевский рассказывает о юбилейном 50-м съезде православной молодежи, ко...


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  • Dozens of Russian community supporters came to greet Fedor

  • Fedor is ready to step onto Australian land

  • A lucky man proudly wears the sponsor's t-shirt

  • People from the Russian community brought national flagsand drinks to greet Fr Fedor

  • Russian supporters greeted Fedor as a real hero with flowers, welcome bread and slogans

  • Russians and local Australians wait for the traveler

  • Standing close to the legend

  • Strict and serious Australian Customs

  • The boat's approach was met by whistles and shouts supporting Fedor

  • The joy and happiness of family members was overwhelming


13 Jan 2015

Рождественская Елка в Сергиевом Посаде

Приглашаем детей и их родителей на Рождественскую Елку в Сергиев Посад. Здесь вас ждет настоящее новогоднее представление в самых лучши... More Information

18 Oct 2014

EIKON: Icons of the Orthodox Christian World - Until 26 January 2015

The rich tradition of Eastern Christian spirituality and imagery will be celebrated with aspecial exhibition. EIKON brings eighty high quality works, including some really sumptuous examples of Orthodox art. Most of the icons in the show originate fr... More Information



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