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Latest in Slovak radio

Latest in Slovak Radio

Kiska and the justice

Regular stringer report from Roman Risa in Bratislava
Another part from the cycle Walk with Us - about the link between Indian yoga and Aboriginal Art, prepared by SBS Newsroom

Slovak football history

From the history of Slovak Football and memories of the famous victory in Basel when Slovan Bratislava defeated CF Barcelona 3-2 in the final for the European Cup...

Rasto Blazek in Dublin

Interview with Rastislav Blazek, a Slovak living in Dublin, about the St Patrick Day ánd Slovaks living in Ireland

Islam and Terrorism in Australia

High ranked politicians and experts about Islam in Australia and about the fight against terrorism and radicalism in Australia, prepared by SBS Newsroom
SBS Radio Services Review

Thank you for your submissions to the SBS Radio Services Review. The Final Selection Criteria is available now.