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Latest in Slovak radio

Latest in Slovak Radio

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A SBS exclusive interview with David Simmonds, the facilitator of the Dialogue in the Dark from Melbourne Docklands. Dialogue in the Dark is an experience in total...
New development in same sex marriages legislation in the Federal parliament last 7 days. Prepared by SBS newsroom
Our current stringer Katarina Pucovska in Serbia reports about her predecessor Pavel Florian passing away aged 67.
Regular stringer report from Roman Risa in Bratislava
Interview with Marta Kapusta, director of the Slovak Little school, teaching Slovak language for 5 years in Melbourne and chance to win a prize in our National...
SBS National Languages Competition 2017

The SBS National Languages Competition 2017 is an exciting initiative to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. Find out how you can be involved!