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Latest in Somali radio

Latest in Somali Radio

Zamzam daahir waa gabadhii ugu horeysay noqota Mudane katirsan aqalka sarre ee baarlamanka somaliya, waxayna kasoo gashay Maamulka Galmudug wareysi aysiisay SBS radio...
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has reasserted that asylum seekers on Nauru will not be resettled in Australia.
The federal government has defended proposed welfare changes in the face of rising poverty rates in Australia.  
Madaxweyne kuxigeenka Galmudug Maxamed Xaashi oo wareysi siiyey Idaacada SBS Somali ayaa shegay in beesha caalamka aysan diidikarin xildhibaan Qaybdiid waayo waa...
The Lord mayor of Melbourne city visited AMSA amid council election due on 22 October.   Mayor Robert Doyle has confirmed to the community that he supports mosque...
SBS celebrates Diwali

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Community Voices

Views and feeling of the community on current issues both in Australia and  overseas.

Interview: Ahmed Qaahira

Ahmed Qaahira is an active member of Somali community in Melbourne.   He has been also contributing in rebuilding Somalia.
Ahmed Tohow is the representative of Somali Global's diaspora Australian branch. He says the organization works for the betterment of Somalis in Diaspora and...

Abdullahi Aden on early election.

Engineer Abdullahi Aden explains the recent recall of parliament and a potential early election with the Prime Minister threatening to dissolve both houses of...
Abdiwahab Qalinle is one of the most active Somali community members in Melbourne. He is calling for support for the people of drought stricken East Africa,...
Omar Shire Mohamed was recently appointed as a director of Puntland Diaspora. He tells SBS Somali what his organization has so far achieved and highlights the...
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